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Multiple Todo Lists, or just Folders?
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Posted: May 19, 2010
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Very quick newb question.

Is it correct that each account has only one actual todo list, and that the normal way to achieve the effect of multiple lists is via folders?

Just wondering if I've missed a setting somewhere, or if perhaps multiple lists is an upgrade feature.


Posted: May 20, 2010
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It depends what you mean by "just one todo list". Yes, each account is basically comprised of one long list of tasks, but you don't ever actually have to view the entire list at once if you don't want to. So yes, if you want your list to appear as multiple lists, you just use the various fields (e.g. folder, context etc) to assign your tasks to certain lists and view the tasks that way (you can set the default view to, say, folders, if that's how you prefer to conceptualise your lists. The default view is set via "account settings").

Are you using Getting Things Done? I think a lot of GTDers use folders as "lists", but there are many, many different ways you can do it.

Don't forget, there's not just folders that can provide this "illusion" of multiple lists, part of the power that comes from using an app like Toodledo is the flexibility in how you can view your tasks (so you can have the same tasks in several different sets of lists which you view as required).

My default view is a saved search that works a bit like the default Hotlist (but is more tailored to my own preferences), but I also frequently view by folder, context, goal, due date, priority, tag, & other saved searches, depending on what I'm trying to accomplish. Actually, saved searches are an incredibly powerful way to create very tailored "lists" that show you exactly the tasks you want to see for a particular purpose.

Experiment a bit to find the setup that suits you! You'd be surprised just how many ways Toodledo can be used. You can bend it to your will to reflect whatever setup you prefer, pretty much.

Posted: May 20, 2010
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One thing I forgot to say was that, if you do view your tasks by folder, context, whatever, any task you create whilst in a particular "list" will automatically be assigned to that list (i.e. the appropriate field will be pre-filled with the name of the current list). This makes the "separate list" illusion quite easy to maintain.
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