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Unable to Sync from ToodleDo to Outlook
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Posted: Jun 02, 2010
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Hello. I recently subscribed to Toodledo and am trying to use your application to sync tasks between my work and Home PCs. I have all of my tasks setup correctly in Outlook on my Work PC and I am able to sync them successfully to my account on the Toodledo website. I have 317 tasks within 16 separate categories and I’ve manually created those categories as folders on my Toodledo account and in my Outlook on my home PC. Again, I am able to sync from Outlook at work to Toodledo, but when I try to sync from Toodledo to my home PC, I am only able to get 192 tasks to come down. I have waited patiently thinking that I may be trying to do this too fast, but after a day, I still have 192 tasks on my home PC whereas I have 317 on both my Outlook at work and in my Toodledo account.

Do you have any suggestions? I’ve read your forums and have done everything they say (i.e. verify the timezone setting; refresh the folders; reset the database synchronization; etc). I really want to get your product to work. I’m not for sure why I can’t get beyond 192 tasks.

Below is a copy of the log. Thanks for your help!

[Admin: log deleted because it contained personal information]

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 02, 2010
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You are using a third-party product, so you'll have to contact the developer of that tool for support.

Also, I delete part of your post because it contained a ton of personal info that I didn't think you would want to share with the world.
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