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How to Schedule Reccuring Chores?
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Posted: Jun 20, 2010
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I want to schedule a task to repeat every 2nd Sunday called "Vacuum." Furthermore, I don't want to see or hear from this task until the 2nd Sunday of the month comes. Finally, once I check he task off as done for the month, I want it to disappear from my task lists like all my other tasks do once I check them off.

I also do not want a due date on it.

How can I accomplish this? Right now, when I set it up how I *think* it should be, the task seems to instantly recreate and/or not accept the check box in the first place.


P.S. I use the Firefox toodledo sidebar and the iPhone app mostly but I have been trying to get this to work through the website UI too.

Posted: Jun 21, 2010
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1) Make the new task
2) Set "Due by:" to the next time it will be due (i.e., two weeks from sunday, if you vacuumed yesterday)
3) Click "Repeat:", click "Advanced options", type "every 2nd sunday". You probably want to have it "Repeat from completion date"; after you vacuum, you're not going to need to do it again for another two weeks, even if you did go a month without vacuuming.

Congrats! You've now set up the repeating task.

To make it not show up until it's due, you want to use the "hide future tasks" setting. I don't know how this works in Firefox, but on the iPhone, when you're in the task list view, there's a little text at the top of the list which says "Hidden tasks: 0". Touch that and you'll get the "filter" options. You want to "hide future tasks". You can define what the "future" is in the preferences (I know its there in the website preferences, and I think it's there in the phone preferences, but I'm not positive).
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