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Posted: Sep 20, 2008
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I have checked everything, but still the email-reminder does not work:

In Connections I entered my emailadresse
In the tasks I entered a due date and a due time
My Timezone is correct.

Any other suggestions why the reminder does not work for me?


Posted: Sep 20, 2008
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that should be everything you need to do... Maybe it's ending up in spam at the ISP for the email or just getting rejected for some reason?

Do you have another address you can try? I use a gmail address and it works fine.


Posted: Sep 21, 2008
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I´ve tried different email-addresses and it neither sends me the reminders, nor the daily hotlist.
Any suggestions?

UPDATE: O.K. the daily hotlist works.
The reminder to the same emailaddress still does not work...

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Sep 22, 2008
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In order to get a reminder, you must have set an email in the "Email Reminders" section on the Connections page. Then your task must have a due-date and a due-time. Also, please make sure that your timezone is set correctly in your account settings.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Sep 23, 2008
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Very embarassing.
I thought I had set the timezone correctly.
But it was 12 hours behind.
So instead of 3:15pm it was e.g. 3:15am.
Since we do not use the a.m./p.m.-System in Germany I didn´t recognize that at once.
Well - thanks for the help and everything is working perfectly now.

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