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Dynamic/virtual folders? Or some idea how to use context?
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Posted: Jul 15, 2010
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is there an option to create virtual/dynamic folders like in RTM?

I would like to switch views dependant from either folder or context, so I could easily switch from "Project x" (all tasks dedicated to folder "project x") and for example "Internet" (all taskst, from many different folders, with the context internet).

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Posted: Jul 15, 2010
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Based on how you're looking to use it, it sounds like you can use Tags to accomplish that.

Tasks can only have one folder, context, status, priority, etc, but they can currently have an unlimited number of tags that you can sort by, search for, etc.

Posted: Jul 15, 2010
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I'm not familiar with the way RTM do it, but it sounds a bit like saved searches in Toodledo.

I actually do almost everything via saved searches rather than the standard views now. The standard views are fine, but saved searches can be set up however you want them to create a set of completely customised lists, which can be incredibly powerful.

I have:
- 3 customised "hotlists" (based on much more complex criteria than the standard hotlist; I have 3 because I wanted different levels of "focus" - one with only the most critical tasks on, for when I really need to focus on the seriously urgent/important tasks and not get distracted, one which produces a longer "hotlist", and one in between the two)
- a list of tasks that need processing further (kind of an inbox)
- a list of overdue tasks that might need to be rescheduled (this excludes the really high priority tasks, as I use priority as a measure of how seriously I should take the due date - unless they are priority 3 they can usually be rescheduled; it also excludes tasks that repeat yearly as I don't want to accidentally reschedule something like a reminder to buy a birthday present as it will repeat on the wrong date next year)
- a list of tasks relating to my review process
- an ever changing set of other searches relating to things like my current major projects (for those things that are more complicated than can be dealt with my just using the folders, goals or tasks with subtasks) & experiments I'm trying out with organising my tasks

Sometimes I just use saved searches for things that could just as easily be done using one of the standard views, mainly because search is my default view so it's easier to stay there rather than constantly switching between views. So, using your example, you could save a search for all tasks for "project x" and another for internet tasks and you could switch between them instantly without having to click through the views menu then onto the correct tab. The added bonus in this is that you can take advantage of the search features to create a more customised list than you would have in the standard views, so, for instance, you could show only internet tasks with the status "next action" and a priority above 2, or whatever.

I've been using Toodledo for quite a long time now so my saved searches have evolved over time - I started out with only a fairly simple customised hotlist and a few project-related searches, but have constantly refined my use of Toodledo and my searches have grown almost organically!
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