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Posted: Nov 09, 2009
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Posted by Anders:
Really? I have heard that development for the Android market amounts to a suicide mission.

Apparently, it is even more difficult to develop an app that will work on different Android devices than it is to do that for WM, which is saying a lot. I would also love to see the platform take off, but it seems like they have a long way to go.

This is the most disappointing thing I have read on this forum.
It is quite clear you just don't want to try. It's ok, it's business. You are basicaly saying us you are waiting the cash cow to get bigger before investing in it. Alright.

I was really thinking about you providing an app for your pro or pro plus users, like what RTM is doing. And because of your last post, for the first time, I was considering to sacrifice all the great stuff you provide on Toodledo on my pro plus subscription for much more basic ones BUT support of my HTC Hero. The thing is, my phone IS my main GTD check/reminder tool.

Erk, and I really don't want :{

If you don't want to invest time and money, perhaps you could help the guy who is providing Toodledroid ? He already has done some great stuff considering he is alone.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Nov 09, 2009
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First, let me just say that Anders is a volunteer moderator who does not work or officially speak for Toodledo. That said, I agree with Anders that developing for Android is challenging. Combine that with the less than 5% market share that it has, and it is hard for us to take the plunge. We have limited resources, so we tend to put them were we can get the most bang for the buck. Right now, we can only support one native mobile application, and we have chosen the iPhone because of the ease of development and because it has the largest market share. We have not ruled out Android or any other platform for future development. If we are able to hire more developers, this may be an option in the future.

In short: We want to have a native Android app. We just don't have the time/money/skill to do it in the next few months.

Posted: Nov 10, 2009
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Thanks a lot for the official stance. It feels really good to be heard, even if the response is not positive.

I will try to find some workaround in the meantime, sticking with Toodledroid and hoping the software keeps improving (a context menu has been added this week :)). By the way, you would help all your Android users by putting a link to this application on your connection page ( TooDo is not updated anymore unfortunately.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Nov 11, 2009
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I am also very anxious to see an official Android app. With more and more carriers starting to offer Android phones I think you will see that 5% marketshare increasing steadily over the next year or so. I just bought an Android phone and it is great.

I have used Toodledroid, and it is ok. I would love to see it improved, and would definitely pay for improved functionality (and UI). I have been using the Slim site as a work-around. It is beautiful and works.

Hope to see some effort poured into this as Toodledo progresses.

Posted: Jan 12, 2010
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I'm about to get an HTC Hero and could really do with a decent app for Toodledo on there.

Could you consider working with the developer of one of the existing apps (TooDo or Toodledroid) rather than developing an app yourself? That way you build on the existing work they have done, they get the benefit of your expertise on Toodledo, and you don't have to go to the trouble of developing one yourself.

There's also the Gears option; perhaps if you could make the slim website work with Gears on Android we wouldn't need a native app so much.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 12, 2010
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Thanks for the suggestions.

Posted: Jan 13, 2010
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Let me say that I understand the sentiment behind this post. I got my Droid in November and felt the same way and actually moved to another task manager with an Android native app. The app was very good but I moved back to Toodledo this past weekend after some soul-searching. The grass sometimes is just flat out not greener on the other side of the fence. All the issues and poor attitude that caused me to move to Toodledo in the first place are still there and I just forgot how mad they made me.

For now, I'm using the slim site - not perfect, but workable - and am beta testing GetItDone which you can find on the 3rd party forum here. It's VERY promising. My big thing is that it must sync perfectly or I risk data corruption so I'm being careful beta testing something right now. So far it's looking good and if a couple of sync issues get cleared up it'll already be farther along than ToodleDroid. Incidently, I automatically backup my tasks every night so if something bad happens I can always revert back to last night's backup and be at least OK.

I'm glad to be back with an app with a staff who listens and responds. And updates the app with useful features pretty regularly.


Posted: Jan 20, 2010
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Also testing the beta of GetItDone... looks very promising.

Posted: Mar 07, 2010
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All - I just got a Droid a couple of days ago. I would be loathe to find a new "to do" program. I downloaded "ToodleDroid" but can only seem to sync my folders but none of their content. Is there another program that I could try? Or does anyone have a suggestion for how to get ToodleDroid to work?

David Slattery

Posted: Mar 18, 2010
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I'm a paid member of both RTM and Toodledo. Toodledo is the superior GTD manager, and I was using the mobile webapp on Android for a bit but it's a bit clunky when on the move (or down in a computer room where there is no signal).

I prefer to use my android phone over my iphone, and while the Toodledo app is good on the iPhone, the lack of native app on Android has got me to switch back to RTM - for now at least. RTM have really made a big effort in their native apps on both platforms.

When subscription renewal time comes around it will simply depend on who has the most usable mobile app at the time.

I really like Toodledo, so I hope something strong comes up.

Posted: Mar 26, 2010
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Update, I decided to bought a used iPod Touch two weeks ago mainly for Toodledo and better handling of Audible audiobooks. So long I'm very pleased with the Toodledapp' experience on the touch, it's really what I waiting for all this time. The only bogus is that I have to keep two devices now, but it's okay, you can't have it all I imagine.

Posted: Mar 26, 2010
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"Got to do" is definitely the way to go for android. Even has subtasks!

Posted: Apr 03, 2010
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Bump ....

For fellow Android users seeking an app that syncs to Toodledo 'got to do' is a killer app. Version 1.1 incredibly stable, visually appealing and feature rich. The developer clearly understand both the Toodledo API and the development on the Android platform. For just a few $$ you get subtasks (if you have a toodledo pro account). Worth every penny to have pro on the web hosted version and the android.

Posted: Jul 11, 2010
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Thanks for that Kpremote!

Posted: Jul 13, 2010
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Why not use Toodledo on the web (the slim version). With the Android system you don't need an Android app just work right on the Toodledo website. Am I missing something here?
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