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Getting IE error message
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Posted: Aug 04, 2010
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When I mark a task complete, then press "R" to update the screen, I get this error message:

"To display the webpage again, Internet Explorer needs to resend the information you've previously submitted.

If you were making a purchase, you should click Cancel to avoid a duplicate transaction. Otherwise, click Retry to display the webpage again."

Followed by a Retry and a Close button.

When I click Retry, it reopens TD, but with my "All Tasks" tab selected instead of my Work-Today tab, and the task I marked complete is still there, not marked complete.

Does anyone know what causes this? If I click on another tab, then come back, the page is updated (the completed task gone), without this irritating message.

Any suggestion? Known bug?

EDIT: Should have mentioned, I'm using IE 7.0.5730.13

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Posted: Aug 04, 2010
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I sometimes get a similar message using FireFox (I get the message about resending data, not the bit about billing) and wondered why. It seems to happen on the Search tab more than anything else and I'm not using the shortcut to refresh but simply using the refresh button on the browser.

I have no clue why but would be nice if it stopped.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Aug 06, 2010
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The "R" shortcut is the same as pressing the refresh button. It does a full refresh of the entire page, which can cause some of the current state to get change back to the default. Also, if any edits have not completed, they might not finish saving. A quicker way to refresh the list is to click the tab that you are already on.

Posted: Aug 06, 2010
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I get it now. Thanks for the tip!
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