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search and quick edit/ booklet context questions
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One Red Sock

Posted: Oct 22, 2008
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I have two questions.
1. Ive recently discovered the quick search and it has been very helpful in taking one folder and moving it into the next. I love how you can save the searches. Can I also save the quick edits.

For example I lable my folders mon, tue, i have saved searches that find all tasks under mon, tue, wed, etc..I then go in and do a quick edit to move mon to tue, tue to wed, etc. It would be amazing if I could save a search and edit so I could just click one button and it would find all of mon and put it in tue. Does that exhist?

2. On the booklet it lets you pick only one context for the entire booklet. It would be nice if I could pick one folder, and then pick contexts. Again my lists are by days, Mon, tue, wed. and then they have contexts in them. When I make my booklet its usually for one day (say wed) and then all the contexts that make up that day. But when I print it only prints the folder and its all in one big list. Is there a way to have more then one context in the booklet? It seems like you either have to pick folder, or context, You cant have both as an option.

Thanks so much.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Oct 22, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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