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Paying for that "third" sort criteria?
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Posted: Nov 20, 2010
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I'm a simple guy, right now, I do not use folders, status or priority. I sort all tasks by due date, then tag, assign a number or letter under tag to a task, and wah-lah, I have them sorted in the order that I want to complete them for any given day. Works for me.

I'm getting ready to purchase an iPhone for work, which means I have to come up with some sort of strategy for keeping personal and business tasks (which are currently not in ToodleDo) separate and sorted the same way. The problem is, when I create a pair of folders (say, Personal and Business), then try to sort on two criteria (say, due date, then tag), I get a completely different and useless look to all of my tasks, whether I view them in their respective folders, in the Main folder, even the ones that have no folder are now messed up.

Does folder constitute a "third" sort criteria i.e. I would have to upgrade to Pro in order to do all of this? If yes, then I am going to look for a completely different to do list app with similiar functionality to ToodleDo in order to do this, I do not need to upgrade to Pro just to get this one feature. Someone please tell me that I am setting something up wrong or something. I can send screen shots as appropriate to help illustrate.

If you haven't guessed it, I LOVE ToodleDo and want to make this work.


Posted: Nov 21, 2010
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If I understand what you're trying to do correctly, you can use contexts for this (if you're not using them for something else already), or even tags if you don't have too many already.

With the same setup you have, have tasks either assigned the context of work, or personal. From there, in any view, simply click the filter button on either the webapp or iPhone, and choose to only see the context you would like. You can even see both at the same time after that every once in a while if you felt like it.

You can do the exact same thing with tags, putting an @ symbol in front of them. In the same way as contexts, you'd then click to filter out which tags you don't want to see, in this case work or personal.
Andrew A

Posted: Nov 22, 2010
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Ditto, I use contexts and some are most definitely work only related, I also use folders to manage my projects (others have other strategies) and some are just work related or home related concerns with contexts adding additional resolution (e.g. @phone)
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