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Posted: Nov 06, 2008
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I am new to Toodledo and iCals, and I was wondering if someone could please answer my questions (and I don't blame you for thinking I'm an idiot!)

1. I don't exactly understand what iCals are. Can you explain?
2. I am using an iCal link in Google Calendar, and when I go to change the "settings" on the iCal, I cannot change the timezone or much else. Help?
3. I seem to be getting email reminders from the iCal calendar, but I do not have any reminders set.

An additional question regarding the "completion from due-date" function and the other one. I don't think that the FAQ forum accurately describes what exactly this means (at least it confuses me!) so if you could maybe explain it in more layman's terms, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!!!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 06, 2008
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1) iCal is a special file that can be published by you on our website. This file contains all of your tasks in a format that other websites can read. So, when you add it to Google Calendar, Google reads the file on our website and puts all the tasks into your calendar.

2) You should be able to set your timezone somewhere else in Google Calendar's settings. And you can also set it inside your Toodledo account settings.

3) I don't know about this one. You'll need to ask Google.

4) Repeat from due-date means that when you complete the task, it is moved forward with reference to the original due-date. Repeat from completion means that the task gets moved forward with reference to today. If you complete the task on the same day that it is due, they will do the same thing.

Hope that helps.
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