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Best Android App for Toodledo?
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Posted: Feb 26, 2011
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I have tried all of the apps and I like UTDL most now. I like the custom views, the soft "home" button, and the notebook support. Editing tasks is very easy, and I like the task summary screen, since you can see long notes without scrolling. The UI needs some prettying up, but the developer said he will be working on it soon, but just wanted to get it out in the public first.

GTD is a very close second. Great looking UI. Not a big fan of the task summary screen, it is a bit cluttered. Great, simple app.

Due Today has the best looking UI of them all. Filtering is the simplest of all of the apps too. Excellent task summary screen, as well as adding a task screen. Its painful to do GTD on it since the "next" tab on the home screen includes next actions and active tasks. I have a lot of hope for this app since it needs just a few tweaks and it will be great for GTD.

I have briefly used Pocket Informant, and I like it, but other apps are just better and simpler. Too many clicks to get the info I want. I don't need the calendar part of it.

I try to follow GTD to the letter which means I don't deal with due dates or reminders.

Posted: Feb 28, 2011
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Due Today just released a new version today and I think now I can use it as my default task app. Just wish that the "next" would hold the filter of only showing tasks with the status of "next action." I sent a message to the developer and he is going to look into it. Really like the UI of this app.

Posted: Feb 28, 2011
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Another Android app is "TodoToday for Toodledo"

TodoToday just shows active tasks based on due and start dates.

(disclaimer, I'm the author of the app)

Posted: Mar 06, 2011
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Thanks everyone on this tread, I've been trying to find a good app on Android for some time.

I like Pocket Informant and it probably have the most potential but I can tell you by experience that the sync is unusable with a Nexus S.

Completed task on Android get deleted, not completed on Toodledo, if sync at all. Next thing you know your task are duplicated for no apparent reason on Toodledo. A complete mess.

I'm looking forward to try a couple of your sugestions.

Posted: Mar 13, 2011
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Hi again,

While waiting for a long time in hope that pocket Informant will finaly solve their sync and force close problems, I tried a few other solution and I found a solution that suit my taste quite well.

Ultimate to do list: while not as sexy graphiquely then PI or GTD, they made an update that makes it very pleasant and the options are incredible. I haven't find a field in Toodeldo that they don't support, and you can costumize and save as many views as you see fit. The fact that the developper is so responsive is also a great advantage over PI.

And for the calendar part that UTDL does not implement, I found 'Business Calendar' which is still in beta but look fantastic.

So all my events go into Business Calendar and my tasks into UTDL. The two consepts where very separated in PI anyway.

Is anyone using that kind of arrangement? It seems pretty natural for me.

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