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Posted: Nov 21, 2008
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Hi, I just recently made the jump to Toodledo from Todoist and the longer I use the app the happier I am I made the switch. One of the features that got me to switch was the timer feature and the iphone integration. I'm a freelancer and what I need is a simple time tracker. I've used a bunch of time trackers for the desktop but they all have the same problem. Either it's another app I need to install or they hide in the background as I work as Toodledo does. What would make time management so much easier for me is to include the timer option on the iPhone and then set it up so that when I click "start time" I get a large screen with the time and the project. It would take up the entire screen, the back light would stay on as an option, and by tapping on it, it would pause the timer. By running it off the iPhone I no longer have to install another app and it would be on a different screen that doesn't clutter up my desktop. Plus if I get sidetracked I know it's still running rather than it hiding behind multiple windows. I don't know how many times the wife has come in and asked me to do something and I forget to kill the timer. I hope this is a feature you can add in the near future. Other than that Toodledo is a great online app. (I will save my suggestion for the interface for another post)

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 23, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion.
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