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Toodledo, palm pdas and Ipod Touch...
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Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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I've been playing with toodledo for a couple weeks now. It works really well with how I organize things.

I started using it as a plan for migration away from my Palm pda, which is on it's last legs. The expectation was I could get similar sync out of an Ipod Touch that I have with my pda.

Currently, on my pda
At work: I sync my schedule (Calendar) via outlook and my todo list on Palm desktop.
At home: my various databases etc....

I picked up a Ipod Touch last weekend and it was wonderful at home with the wifi interface. At work is another issue though. At work I cannot access the internet via the wifi on the touch. I've been able to set up an adhoc network to communicate with my pc, so I expect that I can get my outlook calendar working, but synchronizing to toodledo is not going to work without some form of offline tool.

I have a few days left to play with touch before I send it back (if I cannot get a desktop app to sync todos).

Is there a way forward for me? I see there is an upcoming google gears app to allow access to toodledo offline, but will be able to perform a manual sync to a ipod Touch?

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Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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There is an outlook sync tool. Take a look in the developers forum as I think there is going to be more information for you there.

Posted: Dec 03, 2008
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Excellent. Thank you for pointing me to the correct area to look
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