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How do you associate tasks with calendar events
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Posted: May 10, 2011
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Often the tasks I have to do are associated with a certain meeting or other calendar event (for example: Meeting with clients, 2p, Tuesday -- -bring list of phone numbers -call Jackie to see if she can join, etc,)

How do you all notate tasks that are related to an event?

I notice that sometimes I complete my tasks but forget something I had on my calendar because I was looking at toodledo instead!

I use gmail and gcal for personal and work (though my ipad imports from those into ical and mail), I use a mac laptop at home and a PC desktop at work.

Can toodledo import events from my google calendar into my list of tasks for the day so it looks as if one of my tasks is to go to the meeting with clients and subtasks are the things I want to remember for that meeting???

Thanks for sharing your ideas or workarounds (or pointing me in the right direction if this is already a feature and I have somehow missed it!)

Posted: Aug 18, 2011
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Pocket Informant, if you have a smartphone, is designed pretty much for this purpose. It integrates your calendar and tasks very nicely. Not sure if it's the exact solution you're looking for, but it's worth a look. I just picked it up a couple weeks ago ($9.99 for my droid) and it's worth it. I use it almost exclusively for calendaring when I'm away from my regular computer.

Posted: Aug 19, 2011
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iTunes has it as back to school special Aug 17 -24 for $4.99. I will forgo Starbuck for the next two days to try this app. don't like that you have to buy a $5 add on to sync to outlook. ... can't win em all!

Posted: Aug 21, 2011
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I went ahead and purchased teh pocket informant app mentioned above - but nnow reaslize it is just for ipad (not smartphone) anyone have a solution? I really want to sync with my google calendar

Posted: Aug 30, 2011
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I'm also interested in Google Calendar integration. I use Toodledo to keep track of my tasks overall, and Google Calendar to keep track of how I'm spending my time (i.e. what tasks I'm doing).

Unfortunately, quite often I find that I have to duplicate tasks, so that I can keep track of them in both Toodledo and Google Calendar. The Google Calendar tool Toodledo provides is ok, but currently information only flows one-way, from Toodledo to Google Calendar. And even then, it's pretty clunky to use, because I have to specifically click on the Toodledo checkmark in Google Calendar to see the tasks for the day (Google doesn't seem to list it as a time-specific event in the calendar, even when I give it a specific time and date in Toodledo).

I'd love to see synchronization between the two services, in such a way that a Google Calendar event becomes a Toodledo task (& vice versa). I believe Producteev can do this, and I think it would be a great addition to Toodledo. Both Google Calendar and Toodledo are great at what they do. I just wish they could communicate a little bit better.

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Posted: Sep 03, 2011
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Pocket Informant is definatly available for the Iphone and I really like it

The Pro:
It integrates Google and toodledo neatly: for example you can create a task from an event and vice versa.
This in combination with my habit of sending todos vie email makes it a real great tool, especially since you can decide in which "view" the tasks are shown in the calendar view.
It really srews with the Tasks: after using it, some tasks are not updated in toodledo anymore but only in the internal PI database which makes it hard to track stuff. I think this only occurs for repeating tasks and did not find a pattern yet but it is a huge caveat.
I still like it, especially the integration of calendar+tasks.

Posted: Sep 26, 2011
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One thing I sometimes do is add Toodledo as an attendee for events in my Google Calendar (using the email address that you use to email tasks into Toodledo - if you save this in your Google contacts it will be available to you in all the Google apps, so you don't need to remember or copy & paste the address every time). This then sends a copy of the event to my task list. Unfortunately it doesn't automatically fill in the correct date etc, but it does send you all the information that you've stored with the event, and you can easily copy & paste the date into the correct field. It also contains a handy link back to the calendar event.

I don't do this for every event in my calendar, only those where I know I'm likely to have a few tasks associated with the event (e.g. things I need to prepare for a meeting), and especially if I've put a lot of information about the event in the description field as this is just a nice simple way to transfer the info across.

You can also put links to individual tasks in the event description in Google Calendar, although it doesn't make these links clickable which is a bit annoying (although in my browser - Chrome - I can just select the link, right click & select "go to..." to follow it, so it's not too bad).

[If you don't already know how to link to an individual task: click on the "actions" menu for the task in question (the arrow which also allows you to clone/delete/create subtask/etc), right click "permanent link", then "copy link address" (that's what the menu option in Chrome is, it's different but similar in other browsers). Then you can just paste this link wherever you need it]
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