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Posted: Aug 11, 2011
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I just found out about the new layout today. I also found out that new themes aren't yet implemented on-site, but the default one I don't like.

So I made one big new userstyle ("midnight"), and a smaller one ("Navy Trim"). Hopefully, because "midnight" covers so many color changes, it can serve as a basis for future UserStyles for the new layout (see below)

"Midnight" (boring name)
Screenshot here:
UserStyle page here:

"Navy Trim" (very minor changes, and only to main page)
Screenshot here:
Compare with default layout:
UserStyle page here:

"Midnight" is basically a sweeping change of the color scheme. It is not gorgeous, but the dark background makes it easier on my eyes.

I made "Navy Trim" in a half hour because I read a couple people say here that they did not like all the light grey on the main page. I replaced the grey with white and dark blue.

Make new color schemes using 'Midnight'

If you are seeking to make or upgrade a color scheme to work with the new layout, you can try using "midnight" to quickly figure out how.

"Midnight" is, I believe, the first UserStyle to make a basically comprehensive change to the entire colorscheme of the new layout (I haven't touched the "organize" or "tools" pages yet). The CSS Code is organized so if you want to change the color of any specific, or all, parts of the site, you can quickly figure out which CSS Divs correspond to which visual parts, using "Midnight"'s code as a basis. the code is public domain (i do not think humans can "copyright" color palettes anyway).

The only other userstyles I know of are Techdan and CliftonR's, both of which are nice.

Any Questions

Do you like one of these and use it? Let me know. It will make me happy.

Is there something that seems broken or missing? Let me know if it is important to you and I will fix it (I churned this out in one afternoon, it can't possibly be complete. I will update the "midnight" theme for the "organize" and "tools" pages soon)

Do you have suggestions for alternate themes? I might have time, but might not. No promises.

By publishing this, I am not making any "statement" against the new layout. I love the new layout, it is very smart. I love toodledo and it is my favorite planning application, especially because it's so accessibly priced (some other sites act like it is alright if only the middle and upper class have access to technology).

So the new layout is good by me. But to satisfy my and others' color scheme preferences until the new themes roll out, I have created this to tide us over.

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Posted: Aug 12, 2011
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"Midnight" has been updated so the 'Organize', 'Tools', and 'Help' pages now work alright.

There may be some sections with mismatched colors (dark text on a dark background, for example, or an unexpectedly light dropdown menu) left somewhere, if you find any let me know.

Posted: Aug 19, 2011
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Can you make it in purple, either as trim or the whole page?

Posted: Aug 21, 2011
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On the Organize>Goals page, the names of my goals are showing up black on a dark grey background.

Actually, I'm typing this comment here and the text in my input box is showing up as black on dark grey, too.

Posted: Aug 21, 2011
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bottomley.cs: I just realized I developed "midnight" only using a theme on my operating system that has dark windows and bright text; sure enough, the problems you mention are there now that I try turning that off.

I will fix those before Wednesday (as well as the problem I recently noticed with the "tags" box). Joyce, I will make a style like Navy trim but with purple before Thursday.

I guess my reluctance with a full purple theme is it takes a lot of time, and I'm not sure what you're looking for in particular. Maybe a more "cute", light purple theme? or a dark purple background? If you could link to an image with the right shades, I may have time this week, or I may be swamped by grad school and be like "sry :p".

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