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Posted: Sep 20, 2011
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I'm sure that a lot of tasks of Tooledo users have an economic value assigned. Yes!

Let me explain my request for a better understanding and please take a look on the script called "Toodledo Finance" purposed by ralph.kurz on this link:
Thank you Ralph!

My request:

I have tasks that help me to manage technical problems in my work.
The solution always comes with a bill of a provider.
Toodledo hasn't got a field where i can intro economic values, in euros for example.
Because of that, i use the task field to enter this values.
This values always have the same format, same number of characters and only changes () for negative values and [] for positive ones. For example:
-24,98 = (00024)98 or +56,43 = [00056]43 or -13245,00 = (13245)00

If you group that tasks with the same folder, for example, i think that it will be very
usefull to get the sum of that tasks as it proposes Ralph.

Well, i hope that somebody likes it.
Thank you,

Posted by ralph.kurz:
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