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Posted: Jan 31, 2009
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I created a way to use ToodleDo as a checklist for grocery shopping. I have my folders set up as roles so I use the star feature for projects and sub-tasks for tasks. I created a project called Grocery Shopping and set up my shopping list as sub-tasks. I use the tag feature to designate the type (Dairy, Pet Supplies, Beverages, etc.) and the Notes feature to log historical info such as price paid and size purchased. You could also use tags to designate store names. I have the Context set to @Shopping.

The Groceries Project is set to repeat every two weeks and when I view the sub-tasks I can set a due date for each "item" on my list that I plan to purchase on the next shopping trip.

I'm still experimenting with filters to give me a printable list that I can take with me to the store (non-iphone user here!)

I also use this same set-up for prescription refills and household chores. Having the ability to use sub-tasks in this way makes ToodleDo an extremely useful tool!

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Posted: Feb 05, 2009
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I've tried a few times to set up shopping lists in ToodleDo and never really hit on a scheme that worked, so I just use the Notebook instead to keep a free-format list. This works better for me as my shopping lists are not really linear. For example, I may go to the store with a shopping list that has the ingredients for a bunch of recipes, but if there is no lamb there is no point buying the other six ingredients for the lamb recipe. So my shopping lists are broken down by groups, and not all groups get "serviced" if you like. Yes this does occasionally mean I have to revisit some aisles as I shop, but whatever, it's exercise, right? :-) I also quite often change my mind on what to get depending on what local produce is available, etc.

From the technical point of view, I found that groceries are unlike other lists in that when I make "project" type lists I really like having my completed items hang about so I can see my progress, whereas the last thing I want to see is a list of every grocery item I have every purchased. So the issue of what to do with completed items (show or hide) in a world where it is not a setting configurable by folder is a bit of a puzzler.

I guess in my mind, buying milk isn't a to-do - going to the grocery store is a to-do, and I can stick a note with what to do when I get there on that item.

But I can see why Alisa's scheme would work, especially for people who have regular buying patterns.

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