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Posted: Oct 18, 2012
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After having all kinds of folders for different life buckets (Home, Webwork, Work, Yard, House...) and not efficiently using Toodledo, I had to simplified things. At work we use Agile, and I read about using a Personal Kanban board and it made sense, but I did not want to give up Toodledo.

My Folders
1 Doing
2 Backlog
3 Waiting
4 Ideas

Doing = current sprint, in progress, work, stuff i am working on
Backlog = next, upcoming, needs to get done soon-ish
Waiting = I know it needs to go on the backlog but not ready to commit to that
Ideas = thoughts that don't quite have a plan yet or are in the distant future

It is much easier for me to use now -- work on the stuff in Doing, look at Backlog and promote Backlog items to Doing. Doing items might have ranking based on priority or due date.

Occasionally review the other two folders and add new task as appropriate.

My recommendation - do NOT over complicate your system or you will not use it.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND - 2Do app for iPhone and iPad.

Posted: Jan 10, 2013
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Hi Portalbuilder,

I started with GTD and 2Do and just recently started to use Toodledo. I'm very happy with it so far. Syncs very well. I only hope that the Android version of 2Do will support Locations in the near future.

My folders were based on the lists in GTD, but after reading about Kanban I split the Next Actions into:
- Things to do after a week
- Things to do within a week
- Things to do Today
- Work in Progress (WIP)

Just changed that two days ago, so I have to see whether this is working for me. I might combine Things to do Today and Work in Progress. It seems a bit of a waste of time to change the folder from ...Today to WIP for a task of only ten minutes for instance.

Posted: Jan 19, 2013
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FYI - another option is to use Status (instead of Folders) to indicate the degree of urgency for the order in which you want to do things. That frees up Folders to be used to categorize tasks into personal, family, home, work, etc.

The only problem with using Status is that you cannot change the wording of the terms. To get around that, I assign the following definitions to the various terms:
• Next Action – to do this week
• Active – to do this month
• Postponed – to do between 1 and 4 months
• Someday - to do between 4 and 12 months
• Hold – to do after 12 months
I treat the time intervals as relatively flexible – the main benefit is in showing the relative degree of urgency (not to be confused with priority which is to show importance). Obviously, you can assign whatever time intervals you want. You can also simplify down to 3 or 4 time intervals depending on the number of tasks you have (the greater the number, the more intervals you would want). I then review the relevant Status on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to see if the Status should be moved up a level.

I use the Star to indicate tasks to be done today (+/- tomorrow).

For further details you can view my Quick Start Guide by clicking on this link: (warning – while it is scalable, it is intended for people with lots of tasks for multiple roles that are shared with others).
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