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Your Favorite Saved Searches?
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Posted: Dec 05, 2012
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I've just discovered "saved searches" and have started making my own. Just for the benefit of other TD users (and myself), what are your favorite and most useful saved searches? You don't have to be verbose--just a simple description would do nicely.

I haven't made many, but probably my most useful one now would be:

* Due in the next 90 days, sorted by importance/due-date/priority. This would likely be my default everyday view from which to choose my next tasks.

How about saved searches for project planning or re-evaluation? I'll post more here if I discover something atypical and useful.

Posted: Dec 05, 2012
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By far, my own Hotlist. If shows Overdue tasks, tasks Due today, any task with "Top" priority, more or less. It's a little more complicated than that, as I have to filter out special tasks, like the ones in my Weekly Review and my "Daily Drill" tasks so they only show when I want them to.

I've been thinking about posting it here in detail, just haven't found the time.
Folke X

Posted: Dec 07, 2012
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Yes, I agree that a "hotlist" or "Now" list is probably the most important one (like Salgud's).

Also a complete "possible" or "could-also" list (a GTD Next list) is also very useful - a list where all firmly booked future appointments or still-too-early tasks or "unsure" (Someday/Maybe) tasks have been excluded. This is useful for quickly finding tasks with special contexts etc, say finding additional errands you could also do when going to Suburb X or additional things to do when in Office 2.

An errand list may be useful to have as a dedicated saved search.

Posted: Dec 09, 2012
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These are the ones I work with. Work and non-work tasks have different tags, so I have Work searches, non-work searches, and All searches

Hotlist - Anything high priority, overdue or marked as Next Action (took this from Salgud)

To File - Anything in my 'in' folder or without a status/start date/end date goes here. Clearing this is part of my morning and evening checklist

Due/Start Today - Use this to push tasks to the hotlist search

Due/Start Tomorrow - Reviewed evening before so I can plan the next day

In Progress - Basically a list of everything that I can work on. This search catches items that take weeks or stuff I need to clarify (as the start today/tomorrow searches won't list them)

Active - Anything in a folder with Active as a status

Quick - Items that can be done quickly are marked with length of 2 minutes. Tend to do these all in one go

People searches - Most tasks that involve other people include their name. If I deal with the person regularly (wife, boss), they get their own search. E.g if I'm sitting in a meeting with my boss I can bring up the search 'Person - John Doe' and remember all items relevant to him

Completed tasks - Use this to reflect on things I've done, just a little trick so I can tell myself I'm a productive person
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