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sorting Toodledo tasks drag and drop
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Posted: Apr 18, 2013
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Since no drag and drop - I opened up notepad and listed all my tasks but put numbers infront of each task: 01, 02, 03, etc and it seemed to lined them up just fine - but even if they didn't line up the numbers would guide me just fine.
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Apr 19, 2013
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In Toodledo, you can activate the "tag" field and tag numbers to tasks. Then, you can sort by "tag" and your tasks will be sorted the way you like.

Posted: Aug 02, 2013
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Here's a late response, but I've struggled with this and have found that an initial character and/or careful naming helps me organize folders/tasks alphabetically. For example, I want all folders associated with personal tasks (as opposed to work tasks)to be at the bottom of the list, so they all simply start with the letter Z.
Jason Bushell

Posted: Aug 05, 2013
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Folders can be sorted manually with the up and down arrows next to their names in the "Organize Folders" section.

Posted: Aug 05, 2013
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I would love drop and drag but the way I get around it for now is I have all my folders as my groups, kids, work, repair, vacations, etc... but then I have one folder for each day of the week. Then I have my repeating taks show up on the same day of week as needed and pull from my other folders to the proper day items that need to be completed. I can then change the priority to make it at the top for that day. If I don't complete the task I just change the folder to the next day.
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