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"Google Now" feeding into Toodledo
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Posted: Jan 30, 2014
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This post is for Android users and shows how you can use the voice input through Google Now to get tasks into Toodledo.

I use the "Note to Self" command in Google Now to get to-dos into my system. Specifically, they wind up in my email with the subject line "note to self" and the message I spoke in the body of the email. The word recognition is excellent.

I have gone a step further. Using IFTTT, I have written a recipe which sends that email to Toodledo and flips the message (the original to-do you spoke) up into the subject line.

I wrote about what I did and give detailed information on exactly how to set up the IFTTT recipe in a recent blog post. The post is located at:

If you wind up using it and liking it, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Posted: Jan 31, 2014
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The latest official Toodledo Android App supports this out of the box. You do not need to go through IFTTT.

Posted: Feb 12, 2014
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Thanks for the information. I have been using the Ultimate To-Do List since I started using an Android a year and a half ago, and it has worked well for me.

I have just downloaded the official Toodledo app and see exactly how to enable this feature. (The first time I used "Note to Self," it presented me with the choices of sending the note to Gmail, Evernote, or Toodledo, along with the option to do so once or always.

Posted: Feb 19, 2014
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i just downloaded the Android app, and -call me stupid- but how do i setup that i can voice record my todo's in Toodledo (and have them transcribed) ?

-- was too quick with my post, found it already :-)

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Posted: Mar 31, 2014
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I couldn't figureit out , please help

Posted: Apr 01, 2014
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Make sure you have Google Now enabled.

Then just press the "mic" icon, and say

Note to self buy milk

It should make a popup that ask you to select, Toodledo should be one of the option there.
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