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Command line client in Ruby available
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Posted: Mar 12, 2008
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I would like to take this opportunity to plug my little ruby gem.


Posted: Mar 29, 2008
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How to print out tasks arranged by context:

require 'rubygems'
require 'toodledo'
require 'yaml'

# Look for a file called $HOME/.toodledo/user-config.yml and read it in
HOME = ENV["HOME"] || ENV["HOMEPATH"] || File::expand_path("~")
TOODLEDO_D = File::join(HOME, ".toodledo")
CONFIG_F = File::join(TOODLEDO_D, "user-config.yml")
config = YAML.load(IO::read(CONFIG_F))

# This will work if you don't want to go through yaml
#config = {
# "connection" => {
# "url" => "",
# "user_id" => "<your user id>",
# "password" => "<your password>"
# }

Toodledo::begin do |session|
session.get_contexts().each do |context|
criteria = { :folder => 'Action', :context => context, :notcomp => true }
tasks = session.get_tasks(criteria)
puts "#{}" if (! tasks.empty?)
tasks.each { |task| puts " #{task.title}" }

Posted: Jul 22, 2008
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Hey Will - Thanks for this great resource. I'm not able to figure out how to specify a due date when using "toodledo add". Has that functionality been implemented?


Posted: Jul 23, 2008
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There's no way to add a due date currently through the command line client. You could tweak the parser, or you could leverage the library and write a custom ruby script that parses a date...
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