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What's your favorite perhaps not so obvious TD feature/behavior
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Posted: Jun 09, 2009
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Thought it might be helpful to point out things that are perhaps not so obvious; perhaps not documented - or easily found in TD help area; or that you have learned from experimenting or from other users on this great forum. Perhaps would be good if everyone continues the number sequencing so that any discussion is easier to understand/track. If your post is only applicable to a certain configuration/way of working please try to point that out. While my focus is on things that work in TD and can be helpful, knowing about gotchas (odd behavior of TD) could also be of value in this thread.

I have a strong keyboard shortcut preference for doing things. I do not work on iPhone and do not know if this would work in that situation.
1) You can use Shift+tab to navigate subtasks. If you have numerous subtasks for a parent task, then if you are on one of the lower ones using Shift+tab while on the description field for one subtask will then move you to the next one above it in the list. I find this useful when editing/modifying existing items as I don't need to move back and forth from keyboard to mouse. Note: If subtasks are nested then Shift+tab will move you upward to the next higher task in the list, but personally I use this far less frequently as most of my editing is at the subtask level; and currently there is no keyboard shortcut for expanding/collapsing Parent task.
Additionally, if say you are in Folder view and have sorted first by say Due Date and then by any other criteria and have Nested subtasks: now Tab will move you down through the list of sorted tasks and Shift+Tab will move you upward. What is more the enter key will now act as a toggle to expand and collapse one Parent task at a time.

2) refresh screen Typing "r" was recently added as a keyboard shortcut, but not yet mentioned in official help on keyboard shortcuts.

edited to bold keyboard shortcut so that it is quick and easy to know what this "tip" is about. Also elaborated on some other examples for use of Shift+Tab key combo.

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Posted: Jun 11, 2009
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New Task always show on top
I love the fact that all my new task, regardless of what view I am currently in, show up on the top of the list.

This works even if you are in a custom search view. Many times I have seen the task and decided to tweak an option only because it was front and center.

Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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4) Hiding/revealing certain tasks: The Filter "show/Hide Future Tasks" is controlled by a Date set by the user in their account settings. If you use Status, note that the status of "delegated", "waiting", "hold", "postponed", "someday", "canceled", or "reference" all will toggle with the Filter "show/hide Deferred Tasks". While both of these Filters are quite useful be sure to understand them so that you don't think you are more on top of your list than is actually true.

I also note that the Filter bar text labels do not show the current state of your Filters, but in actuality its opposite. For me this took a bit of getting used to, and I'd actually suggest to TD that they consider a green/red text color for the text label to indicate its current status with "red" meaning that your view is not a complete deck of cards. Thus the text label could simply be: "Future Tasks" if it displayed in red your future tasks are hidden; green they are displayed. If programming could accomplish this, I think it'd add clarity and reduce text length thus allowing for some of the other filter choices suggested by users.

Posted: Jun 21, 2009
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5) Keyboard shortcuts for choosing item in drop down Just type the first letter of the item e.g in Status type A to select Active type N for Next Action. If you are dealing with the Sort area then using Tab and the first letter can allow you to quickly change the sort. E.G. Cursor in first sort menu then type... f tab p tab sss tab enter will sort things on Folder Priority Status.

P.S. You probably have also seen that the Sort dropdown choices themselves do not sort by Alpha which makes it harder to find what you want, but perhaps gives some insight into how the TD developers think and structure TD. To me often, they make good choices.

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