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Posted: Oct 07, 2015
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Hi to all, in this post I will try to summarize my way how I am using Toodledo to manage my tasks. Maybe it will be interesting for someone else too.

First of all, I am not a GTD user and I don’t use the team options, workspaces etc., Toodledo is for tracking my own tasks only.
I am using following fields only: Folder, Context, Start Date, Due Date, Repeat, Priority, Tag, Star. Subtasks are heavily used.

Any incomming task, be it by web input, IFTTT, e-mail, is folderless and is considered to be in Inbox and does not have any other field filled – this gets solved during review time, when all neccessary fields are filled at the same time.

Folder - I have 3 folders, one for work, one for private tasks and on for my VBA programming project. That’s all.

Context – these are basically special lists or groups of tasks: bugs (problems that needs fixing more or less ASAP, be it in VBA, forms, documents etc.), maybe (instead of status Someday), waiting (instead of status Waiting). Most of my tasks are without context.

Start Date – to avoid cluttering my views by filtering out the future tasks. Not every task needs this, just those which e.g. are due 6 months later or can be done within the last three days before due date.

Due Date, Repeat – standard use.

Priority – standard use, with rows in grid view styled according to priority, which makes priority 2+ to stand out.

Tag – special keywords for external uses – e.g. creating OneNote page for research or remind me that a Lucidchart flow diagram is needed/available (links are in note field).

Star – any task without a timeframe (start and/or due date) can be starred to get into my focus view (see later).

I am using several search views, which allows me to track my tasks:

Focus View – tasks due in the next 7 days, either without a start date or started in the past, and starred tasks. Sorted by duedate, then by star.

Due Later – tasks due later than within the next 7 days, either with or without a start date.

Review Needed – task in Inbox (=folderless) and tasks with a context set up. During review, the first ones are getting sorted, the latter may get starred (and jump into Focus View) – in this case I change their context from either maybe or waiting to none.

This sytem took me several months/years to build, but seems to be pretty stable now. Thanks for reading

EDIT: Grammar.

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