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Use fields to do it your way - not TD's definition 4 field
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Posted: Jun 21, 2009
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I will describe how I use Due Time as part of Due Date to help me keep Urgency separate from Importance, but the more general Tip is as follows:
There are probably fields that you do not use, or never use part of them (for example in Status you might rarely if ever use Reference or Someday or Canceled). The Tip is to assign a personal meaning to when you do use these that is not the TD intention for them. By starting to use fields that were not previously used by you, you might be able to organize, sort, or have information displayed that adds power to your TD use.

My use of Due Time
I am not a night owl and so a Due Time of 1:11am is a flag to me that it is NOT part of my hard landscape for my calendar. While I follow much of GTD, I adapt it to my needs and therefore often use Due Date with Due Time.

The Due Time acts as a modifier for the Due Date
1:11am ... the Due Date should not be missed as there are dire consequences if missed e.g. birthdays; tax deadline

2:22am ... Take Due Date very seriously; should be able to accomplish these at least 95% of the time; consider very carefully why I am wanting to renegotiate with myself or with others the Due Date

3:33am ... Take Due Date seriously; shoot to hit these at least 80% of the time; flexibility to postpone is OK but not preferred

4:44am and 5:55am you get the idea of a progression

After choosing a Due Date then tab and simply type "111" and TD will fill in 1:11am. I have my fields displayed Task Name | Tag | Status | Due Date/Due Time and on my screen since I dedicate so much room to Task Name the Due Time entry is at the extreme right of my screen before I'd need to scroll and so if I want to know Urgency of things it is easy to see.

As a way of keeping track of whether I am meeting my 111 and 222 and 333 goals for accomplishing in that time frame, only if I postpone the due date then I add to the task name at the end how much I slipped things. Then if I review a large number of completed 222 Due Time tasks I have informal stats on my success rate.

While some people use Priority as a combination of Urgency and Importance, I prefer to keep Urgency as a more clear category in Due Time which allows Priority for me to a pure category of Importance. While I occasionally look at TD's calculation of Importance ( a mixture of importance/urgency), I find it better in most cases to see them separately. Some people also use Star as part of their marking items and boosting their Importance; but I tend to use Star as a way of manually selecting several tasks (often from different folders)as a way to create a listing of likely Next Actions for the next 2 hours.


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Posted: Jun 25, 2009
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This is a really interesting tip! I wish I could give you more than just one thumbs-up on it. :)
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