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Getting the most out of ToodleDo: Pros and Cons
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Posted: Aug 14, 2017
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As I have few projects on the go, I thought I might Toodledo based on my perceptions. Hopefully, someone might reply and point out the features that will meet my needs , as listed in the cons section below. Alternatively, add further items to the Pros section . The latter could be useful to peeps new to the product. Finally, Toodledo may be a a little dated but it is annoyingly great at what it does and hence, is difficult to replace IMHO!.


• Inexpensive to start with and has mulit year subscription discounts
• Text based task content only
• Both web site and Mobile App are both fast and intuitive
• Uses Tags and Folders, either of which can be linked to Outlook Categories with 3rd party software
• Can easily create tasks from emails , tweets or website links through the common share function on may apps and web sites
• Has an email to task feature
• Has a daily watch list of higher priority tasks across may task categories or folders
• Has a calendar view for tasks
• Can view tasks , recently added or modified,
• Can import tasks via a CSV
• Has great integration with Pocket Informant the mobile PIM app


• No Kanban view, popular with products like Trello
• No custom fields e.g. Estimated Time , Actual Time
• Difficulty to manage personal and work based projects
• No automatic rollover of any tasks passed their due date
• Cannot track progress easily across many tasks
• Limited innovation in terms of the UI.
• Limited 3rd Party product integration

Posted: Aug 22, 2017
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- Has start date and "Today" (star) features, that are missing from most other task managers
- Highly customizable custom searches
- Reasonably priced premium subscriptions
- Exceptionally full featured free plan (to the point it probably cannibalizes potential premium subscriptions - but then, Toodledo is not exactly an eye candy or super easy to start using efficiently for a complete novice, so it must attract new clients somehow).


- No saved custom filters (i.e. saved preset status of "eye" icon that could be used in any view, as opposed to saved searches that can only be used in the search view)

- The usability of saved searches is hindered by having to manually add any new folder.

- Not feasible to set up project templates since bulk copying of tasks between folders is not possible.

- Can't hide (collapse) a subtask and have it automatically show up on due date. This and the above issue make subtasks far less useful than they could have been, and thus make the Silver subscription far less appealing.

- No Outlook sync client. That's about 60% of desktop PIM market.

- The mobile app in it's current form is unappealing and for some of us hard to use, due to the cluttered interface with tiny main subject font yet "loud" secondary information.

- The file attachments don't sync to mobile, making the Gold subscription far less appealing.

Basically, it's a great system hindered by it's own arbitrary designed in-limitations.

BTW, I find it easy to separate personal and business projects using folders, but YMMW.

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Posted: Oct 16, 2017
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I almost agree 100% to all the previous comments.

+1 for a Kanban View or Format

Posted: Oct 28, 2017
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You can get automatic rollover of tasks whose dates have passed, by using "Optionally Due" dates plus Repeats, if I understand correctly what you were referring to. For example, I have putting out my mother's trash "optionally due" on next Monday, with a weekly repeat. If I skip one Monday, this task gets automatically rescheduled to the following Monday, without my intervention.

Even with single events, "Optionally Due" is useful, because if you don't complete a task (like some event I end up skipping), it gets automatically deleted. That way I don't have to manually take the step of manually deleting it.

I've been trying to organize my TD usage to take advantage of as many of the automatic mechanisms of TD as possible, because otherwise I spend too much time grooming my ToDo list each day, and "Optionally Due" has been a big help in this regard.

I would also like the ability to add some custom fields as you mentioned. I'd also like to define custom reports comprised of a couple of different views, or search results, assembled together onto different sections of the same screen/page.

Posted: Dec 07, 2017
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I agree with Ummagumma. I will not be renewing my Gold membership next year unless the file attachments appear on my mobile device.
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