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Adding HTML emails as an Attachment and not as a Note
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Posted: Oct 27, 2017
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Originally I asked the question:

I've seen how you can email tasks using your special allocated Toodledo email address to then have it listed in your list of tasks within Toodledo but the contents of that email is sent to 'Notes', displaying the html coding of the email. Not quite what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to be able to basically; forward an email I've received including any attachments to Toodledo and have it listed as an attachment, so that when clicked you can view it as it was in the original email. Along with attachments, rather than plain text html coding. Would this be possible and if so, how can it be done? Thank you.

I so appreciated the quick responses but they still did not quite meet my requirements. However I found a suggestion on the net which works a treat so thought I'd share it as a tip. Here goes:

I'm testing the Gold Subscription and as you mentioned emails are sent to the Notes section and not as a separate attachment. However on further viewing the web I found an interesting suggestion. In using a 'virtual printer' app ie PrimoPDF to send the email to my printer and selecting the virtual printer which then saves the email as a pdf file. Which once saved can be attached to Toodledo Tasks using the normal method of choice.

Really interesting and it works! Its a slower process but it means html emails can be attached to a task and viewed as it would normally appear in your email.

Please note: Only effective for those who have Gold or Platinum subscriptions who are able to access attachments (thank you Purveyor for that reminder).
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