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Posted: Oct 16, 2022
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Can someone assist me with the problem I have when I email into Toodle do? The problem that I have is that the task never appears in the correct folder - it always appears in the no folder section.

This is an extract I have taken from the help section from Toodledo:

* Folder - To set the folder use the * symbol and then type the name of your folder. For example: "*ProjectA".

Posted: Oct 16, 2022
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I have since found out that I must put the criteria in the subject field and not the main message body and all is working.

However, I tend to BCC my Toodledo email address into communications with people so this will simply create a task. If I start adding criteria into the subject box, this does not look very professional.

Is there anyway to overcome this?

Posted: Oct 19, 2022
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I battled with this for an age too.

Only really workable solution I found was to use POBOX's mail forwarding service - part of Fastmail and use the email subject link append feature of the Middle or Upper plan. ~$35/yr

Basically create a bunch of forwarding address each with a set of rules as to what to append the message subject line with.

myusername+rule1 at will forward to Toodledo but on the way append various predetermined text to subject line so all fields are correct.

I have created over 50. Just create memorable address book entries in your mail client and then BCC or auto bcc as much as you like.

There are tricks with Zapier or IFTTT but they are very fiddly imho so POBOX dot comis way easier and flexible and cheap too.

If you are so inclined to you can set up rules to so they forward to Toodledo and Evernote as well..... or another secondary destination.

Personally I am using bothPOBOX's mail forwarding service

and TaskClone for very important work messages. Email is Bcc'ed to that append and forwards Evernote - including the relevant TaskClone Tag, that then forwards a task to Toodledo with the backlink to the Note in Evernote.

Backing up emails like this has save my bacon more than a few times!

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