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Posted: Oct 13, 2009
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Love the search i toodledo, but sometimes I'm looking for a text and don't remember if it was written in the Task-field or the Note-field.

Would it be possible to add a option to search in both fields?

If it's already possible, I'd like to know.


Posted: Nov 22, 2009
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I second this. I actually thought that, until recently, it did work this way, until I was searching for a task that I knew existed, and my saved search didn't return it. I had to add the NOTE field to my search. Since I use this saved search as an "ad hoc" search (changing the search text each time I run it), now I have to enter the text twice.

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Posted: Apr 21, 2010
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It would be really useful to add a GLOBAL search field, like *All Fields* to the search list.

Posted: Apr 22, 2010
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In fact, that's what I assumed "quicksearch" did, rather than just in name.

Posted: May 17, 2010
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There's on the list of the to-do ...
hoping only we can see it soon avaible

Posted: May 19, 2010
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This reply from Toodledo is very generic and this is they way he replies to most of the 'new feature' request topics..

Posted: May 20, 2010
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Posted by pkjr:
This reply from Toodledo is very generic and this is they way he replies to most of the 'new feature' request topics..

Yes, but at least it's a response that lets us know it is somewhere on the horizon, even if we have no idea how soon it might be implemented! Luckily Toodledo is constantly improving with new features or enhancements to existing features all the time (there's rarely much more than a week between new developments; they are also hiring new staff so we may be able to look forward to an even faster pace) so I have some faith that when they say "it's on the todo list" there is a good chance that we'll see it in the not-too-distant future.

I'm not massively keen on "canned responses" either, but on the other hand I'd rather they were busy working on Toodledo rather than carefully crafting individual & novel responses to every feature request!

Posted: May 20, 2010
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And the other thing is that as soon as a timeframe is given for something, the developer will get lynched if they fail to meet it. It's simply not worth doing that.

Posted: Jul 15, 2010
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Posted by M:
Since I use this saved search as an "ad hoc" search (changing the search text each time I run it), now I have to enter the text twice.

Same problem here. It is time consumming to either change the default search to look in the task OR note or to, as you do, use a saved search, but then enter the same text in both fields.

I often then go to my iPod and use the Search in the Todo app by Appigo, but this is not convenient at all. I would like to be able to search in every field in the Web Toodledo.

Posted: Jul 26, 2010
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I heartily agree, this would be a nice addition.

I heartily disagree with the complaint about the canned message saying "this is on our task list". Of course, many, many features are on the TD TD list. I can't imagine how many. And no software company in it's right mind will promise delivery dates. I've done enough development work to know how many things can go wrong, and how long it can take to track down and fix some silly bug that brings down the whole show.

As for the "canned" part, why should the developers post a custom written message when there's not much to be said? The fact that they even reply here at all is so refreshing after years of being totally ignored on CC's forums. They take the time to say we're here, we've noticed your request, it's on the list. What more could anyone want?

Posted: Jul 31, 2010
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Feature request:
- Make the Notes entry for a folder a displayable Field associated with the Folder in the todo list, a notes icon

this way when I'm looking at my todo list by Folders (or Folders list) there could be an icon displayed for those folders that have notes. Now they would be linked and VERY easy to go back and forth between reference material for that folder and the todo list associated with that folder.

I am in sales and use folders as my accounts list, upwards of 100 list of accounts/folders, so obviously have a great deal of reference material associated with each account:
- scope, dates, customer POCs, co POCs, TCL, priority, strategy, etc.

this would alleviate need for separate Notes program entirely! I'd pay more for Toodledo and Done! subscriptions to have this feature available in both also!

Keith Goodson
San Diego
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