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easily add todo items via firefox
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Posted: Oct 26, 2009
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in your normal view of your todos press "n" for new item.
when that is open, you right click on the task line and choose "add keyword for this search".
you then give the bookmark a sane keyword. I like "gtd" as keyword since you can type that easily with left hand only on a qwerty keyboard.
save the bookmark someplace and you are good to go.
now if you type in "gtd " plus any note name in firefox's address bar you instantly add the note to your toodledo list.

it has no other info set tho, but i like that because i use it for quick notetaking, so i dont get distracted while i work and still have a feeling of having captured the todo.
at your next process, you just go to the items with no folder, and they are all there for you to process and decide if they are project or next actions etc. :)

Posted: Nov 04, 2009
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This is an absolutly awesome little hack!


Vin Thomas

Posted: Nov 04, 2009
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Why didn't I know of this before now?

This is incredible!

Posted: Nov 07, 2009
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I didnt work for me.
I tried it it bookmarks the following location

But when I enter in the address bar it searches whatever I type in google...

Posted: Nov 16, 2009
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Hi. I don't comment too much on these forums, but this hack is very cool.
Thanks for the tip.

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Posted: Nov 22, 2009
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Thanks so much! that is awesome!

Posted: Nov 23, 2009
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Great idea, thanks.

Posted: Dec 02, 2009
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you need to right click on the search field and chose "add keyword"
when the bookmark field comes up remember to write something in the "keyword" field.

Posted: Dec 07, 2009
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Posted by imonsei:
in your normal view of your todos press "n" for new item.
This sounds very interesting, but I have no idea even what this means. Where do you type "n". Someone have pity and help the noob get started. :)

Edit to add:
Never mind, the noob found it. Keyboard shortcuts under Account Settings. Slick.

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