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Locations: How do You use Them?
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Posted: Aug 06, 2011
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Just a thought to pass along to others on how you can use these fields in some creative ways, I use Location in an entirely different way than is intended. I set-up many meetings for the execs where I work. I had never used the Location feature because, for now, I don't have a smartphone (which will change when iPhone 5 gets here). Since the meeting's location is very important to my planning of the meeting, I use the Location field for that, so I can see the location without having to look in the Note for it. I use "Mtg" as a tag, and have a saved search for that tag so I can look at all the meetings I'm planning and see at a glance which ones I've got a location reserved (in doesn't go into the Location field until it's been reserved. Before that, prospective locations go in the Note field).

So many ways this software can be adapted to user's needs!

Posted: Aug 24, 2011
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I use locations as locations (work, home, grocery store, hardware store, pet store, etc.) thus when at the grocery store I can see everything I need there. Location is WHERE I am. [I do will a Toodledo location could have multiple map locations).

I use context to indicate the mode of work and equipment I need. Context is WHAT I am doing.

process - generally needs a phone and/or computer (email, surfing, call, write)

putter - things like filing, organizing, sorting, writing

errand - have to make a special trip

chore - I may sweat, something I have to do

tinker - focused working with tools, not a chore

At home (a location) I might shift contexts from chore to putter to tinker based on what I feel like doing.

I use folders to group items by project/subject/event. Folder indicates WHY I am doing something. Notebooks are associated with folders so they need to be specific enough so a notebook makes sense. (Project1, Project2, Work, Home, Family, BigParty, Vacation, Hobby1, Hobby2,...) So in the folder "Project1" I have various notebooks about the project (requirements, deliverables, etc.) Tasks relating to that project are in that folder. In the folder Home (Home is both a location and a project/folder) I have notebooks listing model numbers and serial numbers of appliances, the sizes and part numbers of filters and other replaceables, room & window sizes, paint colors, etc. Work is also both a location and a project - so general work notes and tasks go in the work folder. Notice some work related tasks might need to happen at the location Home. So project, context, and location are all different and used in different ways.

I use Tags to optionally be more specific about a context. I only do this if I may want to sort tasks by the tag/sub-context. For the Process context I have (write, call, email, surf, etc.)

I use status and priority as expected except I use negative priority tasks for items I always want to think about in a certain context or location. Like at the grocery store I always want to think about the few things we go through fast which may not be on the shopping list.
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