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Posted: Jan 07, 2011
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New user migrating over from Things.

I'd like to use the Folders tab more like a Projects tab and as a task moves into the first position in each project, have it automatically tagged/labeled "Next Action". Is there a way to do this autonimously?

Posted: Jan 09, 2011
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Not yet, I'm afraid. And when I say "not yet", I mean that something like a bit like this has been requested by users for a while, so there's a reasonable chance something along these lines could be implemented at some point. I wouldn't want to say with any certainty what the likelihood of that is, though - it might never happen.

Although I think if it were implemented, it might be based on the idea of tasks with subtasks rather than folders; so you'd have a parent task as the "project" and each subtask automatically becomes the "Next Action" as the previous one is completed. For those of us who use Folders to represent larger areas of our lives than simple projects (although that depends on your definition of project - I define it roughly like in GTD) the system you describe wouldn't be much use. I realise having this operating on a task/subtask level wouldn't be much use to non-premium users (who don't have subtasks), but then that's kind of the point of the "freemium" model - the users who pay get all the "power features"!

If you want this feature, submit a feature request (via "contact us" under "help & news"). All feature requests are logged by the developers and those that are heavily requested are more likely to be implemented (although there's no guarantee - after all, it's ultimately up to the developers what direction Toodledo goes in!).
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