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Need some insights/Juggling!!!
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Posted: Dec 03, 2011
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I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right forum, considered tips/tricks.

I'm an RN (working 1/2 time), wife & in January, will add full time student. I have been using TD in very elementary ways, for domestic responsibilities, big projects (son's wedding) and some goal oriented type concerns.

I'm looking for some suggestions on using TD to manage my life. My calendar is Google & my school assignments will import via a url/ics format to Google Calendar. I use a TD app on my phone.

I'm looking for a "one stop" tool where my school agenda, work & home can be collected.

I need the following:
Repeatable goals (like exercise, meditation)
Home Responsibilities (would like list format which could populate on any given day, not repeatable)
School Assignments/Agenda by import.

Is this possible. I'm sorry if I'm asking simple questions, but I'm going to be juggling a lot in the coming 18 months & I need something to keep me sane!!

Posted: Dec 03, 2011
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I'm also open to any time management tips you may have...

Posted: Feb 13, 2012
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You need more than just a task manager. You need a full system.
1) Calendar. Budget your time.
2) Email. Set up a contact to forward email into Toodledo.
3) Filing system. Electronic and paper. You'll need both.
4) Toodledo, set up and ready to help you make decisions.

Everything needs to be collected. The stuff you collect needs to be processed into the task list in ways that record your decisions (so you don't require long planning sessions to re-make your decisions). When you process things and tasks are recorded in Toodledo, file the papers (or emails or documents) in ways that help you retrieve them quickly but don't require much time to file. Use your calendar to focus yourself on important short-term and long-term goals.

Also, keep your "priorities" to a minimum. If everything is important, nothing is important. If you're working, a wife, and a full-time student, you've got your work cut out for you. Say "no" to things that aren't moving you toward the goals you're currently working on.
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