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On What have We Spent Our Time?
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Posted: Feb 14, 2012
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On time management, once a friend of mine told me that he always felt that he has done nothing although three or four hours were past when he was surfing on the internet. So he wonders that on what has he spent his time? Do you also have such trouble? I also was troubled by this before, but I overcame it by using time log that the time I have spent is recorded each fifteen minutes. Here is the process of how do I write my time log. There are four steps as followings:

1. A Countdown Timer for Fifteen Minutes Countdown

I often work via the computer and I choose the application software of countdown timer that will send the prompt tone when time is up. Then I will recall what have I done during this period of time and record it to the table I will mention below.

2. A Table with Time Listed for Recording

I will write what I have done in such fifteen to a table with time listed. This can be recorded on a kind of notebook that the table is set with each hours of a day listed and it is also available for some applications on the computer.

3. Time Recording

Now I can get down to recording what I have done during each fifteen minutes. Below is an example of mine:

09:00-09:15 email writing

09:15-10:00 proposal writing

10:00-10:15 breaks

10:15-10:30 customer contacting

This time log can contribute a lot to concentration of what one is doing, through the using of which one can pull himself back to what he is doing if his mind is wandering.

4. Do Remember to List the Time for Rest

I will also remind myself for rest with other ways. I will drink water, do exercises or go to washing room during this time. We shall remember that a good rest is good for a good work.

Time recording is part of effective and efficient time management. To have a good time management, we also need to record the time we have spent to know how did we spend our time and then we can work more effectively and efficiently.

(This is extracted from "TABB"
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