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Posted: Sep 24, 2009
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Posted by Vin Thomas:
Google now has a Calendar/Contacts/Email sync via Active Sync now. You shouldn't have to use any 3rd party software. Plus they just added push support for email.

I didn't know they added push for WM. Still, Google Sync only allows you to sync your default Google Calendar to WM which is fairly useless to me. The free version of Nuevasync lets you sync up to 11 Google calendar which is about the bare minimum of what I need.
Vin Thomas

Posted: Sep 24, 2009
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Good point. I am sure they will fix that at some point, but I have the same gripe. I have about 6 calendars that I need to sync.

Posted: Sep 24, 2009
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Yes, I'm sure they will improve that, but it's kind of crazy how much they have already put into the iPhone version which is constantly improving. You can now sync up to 25! calendars with Google Sync for iPhone, and 1 for WM.
Seb F.

Posted: Sep 25, 2009
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Posted by Anders:
Yes, I'm sure they will improve that, but it's kind of crazy how much they have already put into the iPhone version which is constantly improving. You can now sync up to 25! calendars with Google Sync for iPhone, and 1 for WM.

Here is THE point.
As the I-Phone got out we did not see many improvments on WM apps anymore... But as for the I-Phone, the whole world is changing for it ;-)
I do not understand why though...

Posted: Nov 25, 2009
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Posted by Seb F.:
But as for the I-Phone, the whole world is changing for it ;-)
I do not understand why though...

The iPhone is a beautiful device, but one I will likely never use. It excels at things I place lower on my priority list for a mobile device (media, etc.), and only adequately covers the thing I consider must-have (good messaging management). I also prefer a physical keyboard, though I suspect they will be gone in 5 years. The biggest deal-breaker for me, however, was the iTunes requirement. Don't like it. When my boss asked me to setup an iTouch device for her so she could use it in a presentation, I was astonished that I could do NOTHING with the device until I installed and synced with iTunes.

Anyway, bashing Apple is almost as easy as bashing Microsoft 10 years ago. They have done some wonderful things and produced some stunning devices.

But here's what prompted me to reply. The explosion of the iPhone - and the related explosion in accessories and development - is related to something that many people don't realize and/or don't talk about: for a huge percentage of users, the iPhone is their very first smart phone. That's my theory at least.

Coming from a "dumb" mobile phone to an iPhone must seem like getting transported to another world. I cannot tell you how many times new iPhone users have excitedly described to me functionality that has existed in smart phones for years. They just never experienced it before.

Of all the stories I've heard of people moving away from their iPhone (and there have been a few), nearly every one was a previous smart phone user.

Apple was smart - they sold to the consumer. They made smart phone functionality important to the masses. We mobile users can thank them for that - it fosters innovation.

I used a Palm device for many years, content to use a separate phone and PIM. I finally caved and got a Treo 680 and fell in love with the convenience of the smart phone idea. Palm stumbled, didn't innovate - they could have *owned* the smartphone market with the Treo line, IMO - and people have moved on.

It's funny to hear Apple marketing materials and fans alike tout the iPhone's touchscreen as innovative. It is by far a much better touchscreen interface than a Palm Treo, but by no means "new."

I'm now on a Blackberry Bold and it nowhere near perfect, though the keyboard is the best set of keys I've ever felt on a mobile device. Ever. The Cadillac of mobile keypads. Seriously.

But I worry that Blackberry is going to fade like Palm did. I suspect my next mobile device will be an Android phone (the Motorola Droid is a very nice device).

Wow.. :) That's a long-winded response to make the point about the iPhone being many people's first smartphone.

Posted: Nov 25, 2009
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I'm a long time PDA and smartphone user (e.g. Palm Pilot, Palm III, XDA II Mini, i-Mate JAMin, Palm Treo 750) and a few months ago migrated to iPhone 3Gs. So I am used to using these types of devices (both with soft keyboards and real keyboards).

I think the iPhone is a remarkable leap ahead over Palm and WM devices. It's a combination of good design and form factor, simplicity of use (both setup and applications), good speed - it just works!

While there is always room for improvement on any mobile device, I've found the iPhone to be a much better implementaton than anything else I've ever used, and I don't find myself without any of the important business features I've come to rely on.

And after 25 years of using Microsoft OS based PC's, the pleasure of using an iPhone is tempting me to think about purchasing a Mac for my home computer for the first time. If they can get a mobile device so right, I'm thinking that they're probably also doing personal computers a whole lot better too.

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Posted: Dec 29, 2009
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I was a former Treo user until my treo screen started turning green. I bought a replacement treo and happily synced w/ my mac using palm desktop. Problem is, that one, being an old, refurbished device) also broke.

I got the iPhone and I'm so happy w/ it because of its flexibility. I'm not a stranger to smartphones ( I had PDAs before such as Palm M130, Tungsten T3, Palm 650. I also use Blackberry for work).

I considered google phone, palm pre, and other windows mobile. I've seen it all. I'm a PC user too, but have always had "mac envy" since I saw Macs in 1983. I never bought a mac until last yr. Now that I have a macbook, an iphone and an ipod, I am happy as a clam.

Toodledo is great -- not perfect for GTD, but good. My blackberry is good for 1 thing (email). Otherwise useless for reading attachments and doing anything else. I carry it because of work email. More of a burden than a help...

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Posted: Jan 05, 2010
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Good to hear! I was also a little suspicious of all the fuss about the iPhone until I used one. I've never looked back. Those who say it's not a business device haven't used one. It beats the pants off of WM for email, calendar, and contacts. You have to find your own Task manager but hey, that's how I found Toodledo and Appigo Todo and they beat the pants off Outlook 2007's wimpy task manager.

I needed the ability to have multiple calendars for a long time on WM but there was no hope in sight - iPhone does it brilliantly.

To answer one of the older posts above - I am using MobileMe and it works just fine. I run it on my Windows PC using FireFox but have tried it with IE and both work perfectly well. There is no need for Safari.

It is a very reliable service. I don't actually use it much online though - I use the Control Panel applet to sync my Outlook data from my home computer to the iPhone (Exchange handles the work side of my data) and have no problems at all with it. I also like the ability to create additional calendars and color code them, and the "Find my Phone" feature is great too (stopped me worrying when I couldn't find my phone after getting home one day - I'd left it at the office).

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