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Can Toodledo Integrate with my life?
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Posted: Jun 22, 2015
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My three most used systems are Toodledo, Google Calendar and Evernote for respectively Tasks Management, Scheduling and Capturing the rest of my Life. These are popular systems with a lot of people and becoming more popular.
Do they play together congenially? No!
Recently Todoist seeing the importance of integration with other popular systems has done just that. See:
( ).

Can my favorite Toodledo also attempt to develop tight integration with Google Calendar (2-way sync), and Evernote (pulling tasks or using Evernote Notes as a basis to input tasks into Toodledo). I know there are cumbersome workarounds through IFTTT and Zapier that try but fail to do it easily.

Be nice, play together and make my life simpler.

Posted: Jun 23, 2015
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Sunrise Calendar does some of what you're looking for.

It integrates smoothly with Google Calendar. There is a two way sync with Evernote for reminders in notes. Works nicely. It only works in one direction with Toodledo but that still may be helpful.

Just like you, I'd love to find something that works as tightly with Toodledo as some apps work with Todoist or Wunderlist. I don't want to leave Toodledo so I'll keep looking. It would be nice to have EVERYTHING that I need to do today visible in one place. Pocket Informant does that on mobile, but it is too cluttered and there is no web interface.

Posted: Jun 24, 2015
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Currently trying out Todoist (due to the recent news, reviews, and hoopla around its new design and features). Todoist has excellent integration with Gmail, Google Calendar and potentially Evernote. Its major drawback is that you cant export your data out of it via CSV etc.

I still think Toodledo is the Task Management powerhouse with its spreadsheet like view of all fields of a task, the ability to quickly change all variable and the ability to customize it as per ones fancy (especially in the web version). I do hope the developer sees the light and concentrates more on developing the Task Management function i.e.

1. Tight Gmail, Google Calendar and Evernote integration.
2. Streamlining of the Workflow : Role/Goal --> Projects --> Habits --> Tasks (Outlines) --> Subtasks (Outlines) --> Notes.
3. Multi-selection of Tasks for changing any variable.
4. Manual Sorting as per user preference or an additional free sort-able Field to let users do so.
5. Colour to differentiate and highlight.
6. Swiping to Complete and Re-schedule in Android/IOS
Custom views are of course the 'kick-ass' feature.

I have re-subscribed in June because I have the 'audacity of hope' that these long wished for features will actually see the light of day soon.

Posted: Jul 03, 2015
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While this is hands-down my favorite GTD app, I agree with you about the time management features being needed. It's difficult to implement but I'd hope if enough people request this with explicit examples, it will make its way to the backlog and your hope is no longer audacious. ';-) FWIW, my top requests in this domain are:

1. Location-Time Based views:
If current location='%Location% OR then %Saved Search
Or %SavedSearch%@ %Time% %Period%.
If location='Home' then it defaults to my saved search called 'Chores'...or
AND/Or If Day=Sat/Sun then shoe 'Weekend Chores'
AND/OR Or if time=

2.Snooze (I'm interested in the options with this as it appears to be a widely request. One I would like is: X %Timeinterval% %TimeExpression% %Locations%. Example: 10 minutes after 'Arrive at Work'. T

3. Rolling Dates/Due Dates: Example: Due date is 'Current Date So if I set a due date for today, 3/18/2015 and do not check it off, when the system date changes it will roll with it.

4. Rolling date ranges: Example: Last 7 days, Next Five days LOW </L>

5. Toggle for top 3 views. On the IOS it would be slick to have three buttons, tabs, links, whatever that can be configured to hold a unique saved search. So I might have something like: 'MTGs To Sche' 'Urgent Work Items', and 'Emals to Send'. These are my most commonly used views an the faster I can access them the beter.

6.. Option to have short version of text message
The three subscription services I was most interested in were Subtasks/Collaorartion/SMS. With so many alert options I was getting annoyed with all the alarms going off---mainly the text. I will definitely set a different alert tone for these, but was thinking with all the different alert protocols, filtering them. would be slick. Example: SMS Alerts DueDateTimel AND Where %Setting% value. EG, only those where priority='3 -High' or 'Top'. Just like email filter HotList. I know this woule querty the tables and would understand there could be possibly delay.

7. Conditional Settings; If/then
Examples: if context=work then set folder to "general work" If %Setting%'X' then %Setting%='Y') where settings is any property type the user can assign to a task. There would need to be some business logic around Unique ID (Task Name?). But would like the ability to say if Tag=X then Parent Task=Z
I remember reading something about creating a template but it seemed pretty wonky.

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