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Anyone tried NirvanaHQ?
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Posted: May 15, 2016
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The subject pretty much explains the question I have. I'd like to hear of anyone's experience with Nirvana and what led them to stick with Toodledo.

As a bit of background I've found myself struggling with the number of projects (folders) presented to me at any one time so I've started to look for alternatives. I love the power of Toodledo but have found no way to group folders and tasks into areas of focus so that I can view only the information I need to be focused on at the moment.

Perhaps this is oversharing but I've found this overwhelm to be a symptom of ADHD. I have realized I must find a way to cull everything on my plate so that I'm not seeing "too much" at any one time. Nirvana's "Areas" feature seems to fit the bill as an Area can be assigned to a folder and would allow me to quickly see just the Area of Focus I need to be reviewing. Were Toodledo's folders a bit smarter and allowed to be assigned to a goal I'd be able to create a search and get a similar view of just my intended Area of Focus.

I'm hesitant to switch only because Toodledo is such a powerhouse and I very much like the developer behind the product. I also enjoy using Pocket and Desktop Informant as my view into the list on Mac and iOS though that is less of a compelling reason to continue with Toodledo.

Any insight into the situation is appreciated as are reasons folks have come back from Nirvana.

Posted: May 19, 2016
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I've looked at NirvanaHQ but never done more than dabbled in it so can't speak to it.
But to answer some of your points, I don't use folders for projects. I use Proximo's setup (search the forum for it) with some changes. Basically, I use a folder for all projects, one for actions and one for Waiting for. I use tags for Areas of Focus.
To cut down on clutter, I keep just a few extra folders: Shopping list, Bills, Someday, and Routines. Of course I have an Inbox folder for things to process.

Inside the projects folder, I can sort by tags and click on each project to see the associated actions and easily see which do not have any.
Inside Actions, Someday, and Waiting, you can sort by tags, contexts, due dates, etc. You can also easily click to get to the parent project in those folders.

On Android, I mostly use Ultimate To Do List, as it is easier to add and find actions to projects.

I process my inbox daily, scan the due tasks and then the Action folder, starring any I will work on today. Weekly, I review all the other folders. I use only start dates, contexts, due date/time, repeat, folder and tag. This cuts down on visual clutter and makes entering and processing tasks quick. Nothing leaves the inbox without a context, folder, and tag.

I work from the starred list and keep it on the home screen of my phone, too.

Posted: Aug 28, 2016
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I am using Nrivana mainly because the way that Toodledo handles subtasks is poor, Toodledo has no real way of handling projects and areas in a cohesive manner, the UI is terrible and the Android app is basically useless (FYI I've also owned Ultimate To-Do list since 2012 and have to use both this app and the official Toodledo app together to try to have something resembling a useful mobile experience).

Nirvana doesn't have all the features of Toodledo but it does handle Areas, Projects, Tasks and Subtasks well. It also has a fully functional Android app (and I presume that the iOS app is fully functional too).

One of the most annoying issues for me with Nirvana is the way that repeating tasks are handled. There is no "Repeat from Completion" option and if you miss a repeating task all queued tasks remain visible (a minor annoyance).

There are a number of other features which I would like to see added but what bothers me may not bother you.

The Nirvana documentation is very poor, unlike the Toodledo documentation. You will have to read back through the blog posts to find most of the newer features such as subtasks and multi-select.

It seems that Nirvana haven't updated the documentation properly since shortly after the new app was launched so new features are described in the blog. Strangely the keyboard shortcuts described inside the application by pressing the letter "k" do not include all the shortcuts (that I am aware of), which are described in their own section of the website under "Learn More".

Lastly this project was effectively abandoned for some years. It was one of the best GDT apps but then the developers stopped developing it to focus on other things (they said as much in their forums). They had two or three different forums (all deleted now AFAIK), which ended up being full of turmoil, user anger and broken promises from the company.

It seems that they returned to developing the software again in 2015 and eventually released a new version along with new mobile apps but I think that this may be a case of Buyer Beware.

One other GTD project too look at may be Zendone. They have finally come out of their 2.0 beta and the project is looking quite good. I used the beta and there was some missing functionality. However, I haven't used the final released version.

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