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Posted: Aug 23, 2010
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Hey guys,
Just wanted to make you aware of the way I use Toodledo to implement MYWK by Michael Linenberger.

Combining Linenberger's MYWN and Toodledo.

Recently, I read Michael Linenberger's 'Master Your Workday Now', a great book that gently nudges you towards doing the things you really value to be important. Read more about it here: In this book Michael offers you the possibility to use a paper-based system. He has written a book on how to use Outlook for his system, but I don't use Outlook. Here's my adaptation for Toodledo. Hope you like it, and please let me know what you think of it.

I chose toodledo ( because it's free, and you can customize it easily. I think Remember the Milk would work as well, but I chose Toodledo.

How to use this:

1. If you can only do a certain task on a certain day or time - put it in your calendar.

2. Linenbergers distinguishes tasks in four categories:

a. to 'Critical Now' - the task you have to do today, or would work late for. Not more than five tasks.
b. Another category is 'Opportunity Now', all the tasks you could do today, but the deadline is still a couple of days out. No more than 20 tasks.
c. Target Now is a category of choice - any tasks from your 'Opportunity Now' that you would really like to do today. No more than 5 tasks.
d. Over the Horizon - this category represents all the tasks that you cannot or will not start in the next ten days. Everything that's out of your system for now.

3. Register at It's free. Make sure that in 'Tools and Services' Start Date and Due Date are on the Default fields for new tasks.

4. Add your tasks. Make sure you use the start fields, as a way to determine when you can really start the task, or when you really want to consider starting the task.

5. In Toodledo you can use the Search Field to determine the Linenberger Categories. You can save your searches, so you only have to
set the search criteria. They are listed below. It's a one-time setup because you will save the searches to the Linenberger categories:

Critical Now:
Match all of the following criteria
Checked off is No
And Due Date is not no date
And Due Date is today
Or Due Date is before today

Opportunity Now:
Match all of the folllowing criteria
Checked off No
And Due Date is not Today
And Folder is not TARGET NOW
And Start Date is in the Next ten days
or Due Date is in the Next ten days
or Start daate is before today

Over the Horizon:
Match all of the following criteria
Checked off No
And Due date is not today
And Due date is not in the next ten days
Or Due Date is not in the next ten days

Target Now
Match all of the following criteria
Checked off No
And Folder is Target Now

6. Now every morning you will check your calendar first. Add tasks to the Critical Now as they come up. Next check the Opportunity Now. If you have more than 20 tasks, you will have to trim it. Move start dates ten days ahead for all the tasks you don't want to do just now. From the twenty remaining tasks determine max 5 tasks to be Target Now, by setting folder to TARGET NOW (create the folder if it does not yet exist, remeber capital letters).

7. First do your Critical Now. If you finished these tasks, you will go home on time today. Then work on your Target Now list. If you manage to finish that list too, move to your Opportunity Now list.

8. Repeat 6 and 7

Posted: Dec 02, 2010
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Linenberger has now produced a whitepaper and video on his system using Toodledo

I used to use his system on Outlook and even now I broadly use the same principals on Toodledo. Worth a look.
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