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Is 1 Projects folder enough? And arent actions part of projects?
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Posted: Jun 12, 2011
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Hello all,

I'm new to Toodledo, but have used various GTD systems.

I'm interested in Proximo's setup as it seems to get the most discussion, so there must be a decent foundation there.

My questions are:
1) Is 1 projects folder enough? In my previous GTD attempts, I have ended up with hundreds of projects (300-500). This has been un-manageable with other systems as a weekly review becomes such a huge task that it gets ignored and then the whole system suffers. I'm hoping that listing projects by priority will help, but there's still a lot there. Maybe I should have an 'Active Projects', a 'Nest in line Projects' and 'Someday' etc. Would that be a good idea?

2) My next question is about the actions folder. Doesn't putting an action from a project (which if I'm right is just a sub-task to a task) into a different folder confuse things? Or are all actions from all projects inside of this actions folder? So are the projects (top level tasks) all in projects and the actions (sub-tasks) all in actions? Doesn't this loose the ability to look at a project and see all of it's sub-tasks (actions) because they are in a different place, or is there still a way to do that?

Hoe that all makes sense.


Posted: Jun 13, 2011
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I've found the same issue - that I did not want to move items from their home folder due to their level of activity. I've found a few work-arounds using contexts and status.

However, my use of context is a bit different from GTD. Since most of my work is out of a "nomadic" office (e.g. road warrior), I can basically do anything from anywhere, so the location-based contexts aren't as meaningful to me (plus, there are after all LOCATIONS for that purpose).

José's Context List:
Main Issue (this is a header for what GTD might call a "project"
Schedule Tasks (e.g calendar / appointment specific)
Budget Tasks (e.g. money related tasks)
Routine Tasks (repetitive chores)
To-do Item (can be done at any time)

The Main Issue does not have a start or due date
The Main Issue has a status of "active"
All the items below are sub-tasks of the main issue.
All the items below are also "active" or "waiting" in status

This allows me to keep everything in it's proper "overall project" folder while manipulating status, and context in a way that is better suited to my needs.

Posted: Jun 13, 2011
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Correction: the subtasks are "next step" or "waiting" Only the main issue is "active"

Posted: Jun 13, 2011
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Question 1:
Is sounds like the answer is "yes" you should have a few more folders. I'm not sure I know the real difference between "next in line" and "someday" but active projects should be projects that you are actively working on. 500 seems like a fair amount of projects but maybe you should be moving some of them to the "someday" list if they are really not active.

Question 2:
Yes I think that would be confusing the way you have explained it. I use the star to indicate the "next action" task. Whether it's in the projects folder (in that case one of the sub tasks will always be a next action) or in actions folder makes no difference to me. They are all just tasks that need to be done but I use the star to filter out the actions I want to work on next.

The projects folder just holds my project which are anything that requires more than one step. My actions folder are just single step tasks that are not part of a project in one sense they are a single step project. They all could be in one folder but having actions separate makes it easy to go through the list and knock off a few at a time.

Hopefully that makes some sense.

Posted: Jun 14, 2011
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Thanks for the replies.

It's all getting clearer the more I use it on the iphone. I'll quickly need to find a good way to manage projects though as I transfer them across.
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