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Posted: Aug 30, 2013
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Hi to all,

I am a new Toodledo user and I have settled on using 2Do for my android phone, and probably later, on my iPad as well.

Howevr, given the differences between TD and 2do (e.g., no contexts in 2Do...), I was wondering how people using 2Do had set up the app to implement a GTD-like tool in both 2Do and TD.
I think I will spend most of my time in mobile apps, be it in Android or iPad, but at home I plan to use TD's web app.

Just to give you a bit of an idea: when I use a GTD app, I like to have folders for my areas of responsibilities, such as "Work", "Personal" and then subfolders with the projects and a single-action list. I also usually have folders such as "Someday", "Do it Now" (where I put the 3-X tasks I have flagged for the day)...

I also use both persons and tool- or location-based contexts, but I think I will be fine with tags.
However, what worries is for instance the lack of subfolders in TD compared to 2Do, so that, if I understood correctly, say I have a "Work" folder and then a "Work-Single Actions" project and then tasks within "Work Single-actions", I will have an issue in TD, right?
All suggestions are welcome!

Posted: Sep 02, 2013
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How much do you want to use 2do? The reason why i'm asking is that, from memory, it didn't seme to be a very TD compatible app.

I bought and used 2do for about an hour before uninstalling it haha. I didn't like the layout because it was a) too iphone-ish and b) the app makes poor use of screen real estate (those calandar/list tabs on the left hand side need to be wayyyyy smaller than they are)

There's much better TD compatible apps in gogole play such as these, and that will be closer to the paradigm you describe there:

I use ultimate todo bewcause it's the most flexible found so far. It allows you to customise how you want to use it because it lets you choose which 'fields'(eg contexts, subfolders, projects, starred items, etc) that you want included and which you don't want included, and that will help your greatly with what you're wanting.

Sorry if i couldn't help directly with 2DO

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