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I suggest to rename "No Folder" to "Inbox" - what do you think?
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Martins Tasks

Posted: Feb 04, 2016
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Currently all new tasks are by default in a folder called "No Folder". Additionally, any task which is imported from Apple's Reminders app will end up in "No Folder". In terms of GTD it would be more intuitive to rename "No Folder" to "Inbox."

Additionally I suggest to sort that "Inbox" at the top of the folder list by default.

We are all used to such naming convention and behavior from email.

I believe it's silly to manually need to create an "Inbox" and configure it in Settings all the while imported tasks still end up in "No Folder" which currently cannot be changed.

What do you think?


Posted: Feb 06, 2016
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That would be a nice option, but people can just know that "no folder" is their inbox. It would be nice to have "no folder" at the top or something.

Posted: Feb 08, 2016
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There are quite a few TD users who are not TDers, like myself, and to us, "No Folder" is far more intuitive then "Inbox". So it's a mixed bag, and probably not worth wasting a developers time to change.

Posted: Feb 18, 2016
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I think You can create "_Inbox_" folder with "_" character it will be sorted on top always. You can also define "_Inbox_" as You default value for You folder field for all new tasks coming from Web Client or Mobile clients.

Is this helpful for You?


Posted: Feb 27, 2016
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You can make a folder called "Inbox" and then set the default so that all new tasks are automatically set to the Inbox folder. The tricky part is with repeating tasks. When it repeats it will always be in the last folder it was in.

Posted: Apr 23, 2016
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Martin-That's a GREAT idea!

Too bad they don't get it...

Posted: Aug 28, 2016
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How about a preference setting to let you either call it No Folder or Inbox?

Cause in reality, No Folder IS a folder with the name No Folder. If it shows up on the Folder list, it's a folder.
simon work

Posted: Sep 02, 2016
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I agree a preference would be a great enhancement.

Posted: Sep 02, 2016
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I guess I don't see any value added by doing this, but it could confuse new users. What purpose does it serve? Can't people who consider it "Inbox" just pretend that's what it's called? Is this worth even a few hours of a programmer's time?

Posted: Sep 09, 2016
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I would disagree with doing this.

Doing this assumes that everyone who uses Toodledo does so using GTD. It also makes assumptions about how those who do use Toodledo for GTD organise their systems.

If anyone wants to have Inbox as the default folder they can create the Inbox and set it as the default and even organise their folders to make it the top folder.

Perhaps a better suggestion would be that Toodledo adds a GTD methodology preset which would do all that for users:

However I am hoping that once the new Tasks section is released they update the GTD part of Toodledo (Status) to be more complete. Adding Projects (Active and Inactive) would be a huge leap forward in making that part of Toodledo more usable and may be sufficient for many people's GTD needs. At the moment there is no status labelled Inbox although "No Status" can serve this purpose.
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