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How to handle GTD Projects
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Posted: Feb 24, 2017
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I'm using Omnifocus for 2 years but I'm interested in trying to use Toodledo instead, for free suscription at the moment.

In OF, it's rather simple we have folder, projects and context, for me a folder is rather an AOF (work, health, photo, finance...), but in TD how to you manage the project themselves ?
- with a folder : but with a great number of projets it's not easy, mostly on the iPhone
- with goals
- with tags


Bruno (from Paris )

Posted: Mar 14, 2017
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Hi Bruno,

IMO Toodledo is more of a task management system than GTD-system, however you can still work with the GTD-principle in it. As you say, projects can be done with folders, goals and tags. I however prefer to use sub-tasks for projects (you can try the gold-level for a few days free to try this functionality). You can set status to Next etc. but it always needs to be done manually, i.e. when a Next-task is finished you need to manually set the next appicable action as Next (there are requests in the forum for this to automatic, but it hasn't been implemented yet).

Once you have your system setup use Saved searches for your inbox, todo, etc.
Ann M

Posted: Mar 15, 2017
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I have been a GTD enthusiast for more than 10 years and have been a subscriber of Toodledo for more than half that time. I am on a windows platform which is why I use TD. Otherwise I probably would be using OF because it has a nicer interface. However, I have tried many other GTD tools in that time and I end up staying with TD because it's the most versatile system I know of. I have changed my workflow and system process many times to accommodate new jobs and responsibilities and over the course of the last years and I have been able to modify TD every time I need to tweak my system to meet my needs.

So to answer you question I use folders for Areas of Focus and I use Contexts for my lists as follows:

Next Action
Postponed (Future)

I also use the start date as that is relevant for my work. Otherwise that's it. TD can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be and I have tried to keep my system as simple and flat as possible following GTD's advise.

Posted: Mar 27, 2017
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Thanks four your responses

With your use of TD, how do you link an action to a project (this is obvious in OF) ?

- With a suscription : by the sub-tasks I suppose
- With a free version : with tag (but if the name of the project is long !), with goal (same problem)

Posted: Mar 28, 2017
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I find it the easiest to create a special separate folder for each major project. Also there's no reason to keep the name long, it just has to be descriptive enough.

Posted: Mar 28, 2017
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I'm using Goals to capture projects. I tried with subtasks some time ago but didn't like it, I prefer to have projects grouped by the member of completly separated dimension and having tasks and subtasks mixed with each other simply didn't work for me. Also it was confusing very often what parameters like Status, Priority etc. to set for the parrent task which reflected given project, also sorting and filtering options for subtasks were not appropriate for parrent tasks and vice-versa.

I don't find long names of my projects problematic. In most views it is usually enough for me to see only the part of the project's name, to handle with the tasks included. When I really want to see the full names for some reason, I switch the first sorting option to Goals and full projects names appear then on dividers.

Tasks without Goals assigned are for me non project related tasks. But in all cases ie. for all tasks I can use the same logic for particular tasks' parameters and sorting/filtering options. Quick glance at the Goals column gives me the information if given tasks is related to any/which project or not.

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