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Posted: May 06, 2018
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Question ( I think this is a quick one).

In my review, I look at the status of all my items/subitems etc. I can mark the next thing to do as a "Next Action" but what status do you choose to use for all the other things to do that are not yet next actions?

Posted: May 07, 2018
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For those non-recurring tasks which I want to work on sooner than later, but which are not yet my Next Action tasks, I usually set Active status. For repeating active tasks I set Planning status (it is useful for me to have them separated from Next Action and Active tasks).

Any other tasks which are not on my radar I mark as Someday or Waiting etc. depending on the need so that they can be easly filtered out from the views using "show Deferred Status' feature.

And as probably many others, I use Star to override any status and mark the task to be perfomed today or asap no matter what its status is.

Posted: May 07, 2018
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Here’s what I use with Toodledo:

Star or Top Priority - Today’s tasks. Sometimes using Star to set the top one or two, never having more than 5-6.

Medium Priority - Next Action. Again, no more than 5-6.

For all the rest, it’s start date driven, I set the start date based on either the due date (if a task has one), or when I want to re-evaluate the task. I hide the task until it’s start date comes. At that time, I either attach a priority to it (i.e. make it a Today or Next Action in GTD speak), or set a different start date.

The due date is only reserved for the tasks with an actual deadline.

Sometimes, when a task is really hot and /or I don’t want to forget about it, even if it’s way in the future, I add a tag to it. But the vast majority don’t have any tags.

I don’t use the Status at all. Neither @Context.

The reason for this setup is that I can use more than one task management application or system without changing the way I work. Most apps support tags, and at least three priority levels. All support Due Dates. Start Date is the one feature that somewhat narrows the field, but I can’t find a way around it, it’s just too important. (I can use Alarm date to substitute the Start date, in some apps, if I have to). Star is just optional.

So I can use Toodledo, or 2Do + Reminders, or Calengoo + Reminders, or Informant, or ... and still have pretty much the same workflow without drastically changing my habits. I’ve been burned in the past by programs and services going out of business, or getting bought out and drastically changed, or not supporting my new device. It’s so much easier to switch over and maintain your uninterrupted workflow when you’re not heavily invested in some app-specific features that are not supported anywhere else.

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Posted: May 07, 2018
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Thanks to both of you. I learned a new hack for Context = .project. Helps me sort out the upper level tasks quickly. I hadn't thought about planning as a holding zone for repeated items. That would free up Active for "things I want/need to do, not now, but also not someday." A step below starred and next action. I use someday for more sky-high ideas.

I've been pretty devoted to ToodleDo since I started. That said, there are bells and whistles that aren't here. Wish I could do more subs-steps/outline format in the tasks. (I think in outlines).

Due dates are tough call....lots of stuff with no due date (open line with vendor XYZ). Monthly tax due dates - those hit the due dates.

This has helped, I appreciate it!
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