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Posted: May 07, 2018
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Ok - now that folks have helped with the status question, another question. It was suggested to me that I need some Daily and or Weekly checklists to streamline my process. I can clearly see the value of this - keep all the assorted one-offs (which is really most of the list) here. 2 questions if you are using a checklist.

1. Do you use the list function for your list? Or a task with many subtasks? Something else?
2. If you don't mind sharing, I am working on defining what goes on the checklist and what still stays here. Can you tell me what your list looks like?

Thank you. Working on refining and upping my game.

Posted: May 08, 2018
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So, here’s what I do - it may or may not work for you.

I don’t use task manager for high level projects or goals / planning. Only for concrete, actionable steps. For projects, high level goals, long term planning I use something like an outliner or mind map (currently iThoughts) and only export individual actionable tasks to my inbox.


Get in shape

Find a good exercise routine

Link 1
Link 2

Get an elliptical

Link 1
Place an order for elliptical *
Link 2

Only the task with * will be exported to my task list, the rest are just planning steps and info.

This helps to keep the number of tasks to absolute minimum, and separate goals and plans from actual tasks. It’s also much easier to brainstorm and plan a project in an app specifically designed for this kind of work. I maintain one “Master” map for personal stuff and another for work, linked to individual project maps. I review it at least weekly and generate tasks as needed.

So, once I define the project goals and decide what tasks need to be in my task list, I export them to Inbox. I then go through all the tasks in my Inbox and assign start dates, and due dates for ones that actually have one (usually set one day in advance), and assign them to lists.

The start date has dual purpose. First, to make sure that I do something about the task on time, even if all I do is postpone it. This way no tasks just linger in the “Undated” list forgotten. Second, to hide the tasks that I don’t have to worry about just yet, so that I could concentrate on what needs to be done now. Setting the start date only takes a few seconds but it’s the most important part of my method. The only tasks that don’t have a start date are a high-level “don’t forget” types that I want to have in front of me. Usually no more than a dozen.

The Inbox stays empty, if I have any tasks in it this means I need to review them as soon as I get a chance. Any Inbox tasks automatically trigger a review.

Finally, as I explained in another thread, I set up Today’s tasks (Top Priority) and Next Action (medium priority).

My Focus view is set up to show Overdue (which I almost never have, since I don’t blow the hard deadlines), Starred, Top Priority, Due Today, and In Progress. This is basically the Hotlist in Toodledo.

The “unfocused” view is all tasks that don’t have a future Start date. So it’s the Focus + high-level “do not forget” tasks.

All other tasks will automatically show up in one of the two views when their Start date comes, or when I manually elevate them by assigning Top Priority or a star. Of course I can just review my entire task list with a single tap, but I don’t usually need to.

As long as I put some thought into assigning start dates, I shouldn’t have a major task sneak up on me at the last moment. And I can keep my everyday focus view relatively clean and uncluttered and only concentrate on what’s relevant today.

2Do makes it very easy because it was built around this approach and has the best tools to make it work as smooth as possible. Toodledo also makes it easy once you set up your custom views.

Finally, the subtasks etc - I only use it where it makes sense, i.e. if I have a bunch of related tasks that belong under same “roof”. It’s a convenient feature but one I can easily libel without.

With that approach, I really don’t have to review my tasks on a regular basis, as long as I did my planning pre-work. They will pop up in my Focus view when their time comes.

2Do is best app for this, and it does sync with Toodledo but not in the background.

Hope this helps, and sorry for a long winged message.

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