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Data/folder structure organisation for GTD?
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Posted: Mar 26, 2010
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Decided to upgrade to Plus today after a bit over a week of use :)
In beginning my application of GTD, and one of the things that I need toorganise is my data on my computer. Any tips on folder structuring (e.g. D:\Projects)? I will be deleting anything that I can, however I am still going to have a heap of stuff - what I can I will put into a note application (evernote or springpad, haven't decided yet).
Also, I need to sort my Firefox bookmarks :P Over 2000 to go though. Will be setting up my note application first so any information I need to keep can go in there, but any tips on how you sort yours?
And lastly, I was wondering how a task would be dealt with if it has a due-date, but can be done at any time, provided it is before that date. Toodledo allows setting a due date, would you do that? I know the calendar is sacred for things that must be done at a specific time/day, but wasn't sure about this.

Posted: Mar 29, 2010
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I can't help with your computer organization as my primary computer is a Mac, though I will say, in case anyone else is interested, that I use a document management program called Devonthink.

Anyway, I just want to address your due date question. Going by your description, then I would say that using the due date field is appropriate in this case. By default, Toodledo treats a due date entry as "due by", which is what you're describing. There are optional modifiers you can use that change the behavior to "due on", "due after", etc. (see

Personally, I rarely have a task that absolutely must be done by a certain date, so I've deactivated the due date field to save space on the grid. Note that I say due "by" a certain date. I don't use Toodledo at all for tasks due "on" a date (e.g., dentist appt). For these I use a calendar program.
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