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Suggestions on GTD setup that does not make use of sub-tasks?
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Posted: Jan 05, 2011
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I am looking for advice on GTD implementations that do not make use of sub-tasks within Toodledoo. It is not the cost factor, I actually plan on purchasing a "Pro" subscription just for the SSL capabilities, rather it is that support for sub-tasks seems to be so incomplete in many mobile task management apps.

One app that I like very much is Pocket Informant. I have been a fan of Pocket Informant since it's Pocket PC days and I have found their app for iOS and Android to be outstanding. Though Toodledoo since is supported on iOS and Android, sub-tasks are not. Since I already use Pocket Informant for my Google calendar sync I would also like to use it for Toodledoo. I use both iOS and Android devices and tablets so it is important for me to have solution that is consistent across all platforms.

So basically I am looking for suggestions on GTD implementations that do not make use of Toodledoo sub-tasks. Currently I am using folders for projects but I find the way Toodledoo lists folders to be very "inconvenient" as I run out of space at the top of my display. If only there was some way to list folders in a vertical fashion.

If other people have already described a GTD setup using Toodledoo that does not make use of sub-tasks please just mention it and I will scour the forums looking for it. Thanks in advance!

Posted: Jan 06, 2011
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First up regarding your comment about displaying folders vertically in Toodledo. The good news is that it can be done using some of the free themes developed by users. The simplest way is to install the Stylish add-in (also free) for either FireFox or Chrome.

Here is a page with links to Sylish for FireFox and Chrome:

Here is a link to the various themes available for Toodledo:

Some of the themes employing vertical tabs are:
* Toodledo - MacOSX
* Toodledo Focus
* Toodledoish - Plus 2 w/Right Side Tabs
* Toodledo Things Style++ With Right Side Tabs
* Toodledo Me Too

I have a couple of ideas on your question about using Toodledo for GTD without employing subtasks in order to use PI.

1. You may find that PI treats Toodledo's subtasks the same as regular tasks, i.e. it might just display them as regular tasks and may not even break the parent/subtask relationship within Toodledo. It's worth testing this out.

2. You could use Toodledo's tags if they're supported in PI to maintain a relationship between project tasks. If #1 works then this would only be needed in PI but if it doesn't, then it should work in both apps.

I'd be interested in hearing how PI performs. I used the WinMo version years ago and found it a bit buggy and also quite complicated.

One other comment... I used to want a combined calendar/task view for my GTD system but have found over time that it wasn't necessary. While a number of my tasks are time-critical, many are not. And I think I'd find that filling up my calendar (where I store hard-deadline stuff like meetings, etc) with tasks would probably just add to my stress level.

Posted: Jan 06, 2011
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Thanks for the suggestion of using Stylish. I am trying the MacOSX script and I love it!

I think that Pocket Informant treats tasks just as you describe. They are just like any other task. The problem I have is that the sub-tasks only have meaning if they are shown as children of the parent task. Not really a big deal as I now have folders representing projects and tasks as the individual action items within the project. Basically I don't have a need for sub-tasks anymore.

As far as the performance of Pocket Informant goes I really fine it works quite well.The number one thing I like is that the user interface and functionality is pretty much consistent across both iOS and Android platforms. This is something I have not been able to find in other GTD applications. Nozbe for example has a great iPhone and iPad client but nothing for Android. There is a third party app for Nozbe on Android (GTDroid) but the user interface and functionality is very limited.

I like Pocket Informant because I have everything in one app and I can have it on multiple platforms.

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