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Posted: Aug 24, 2009
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Just wanted to mention something here.

I think it's fair to say that comments made on these forums by users does not mean we do not appreciate Toodledo.

I love Toodledo like many others here, but this does not mean we cant be honest about what we would like to see changed.

If we ever get to a point where we cant express this openly, we will become Fanboys/girls. I cant stand fanboys of any software or hardware, where no wrong can be said about it.

It's OK to love something but wish for improvements.

Just wanted to mention this because so many of us feel that we need to be careful about our suggestions or complaints without coming across as haters. This is just not true.

I applaud Jake for the work he has done with Toodledo. As Toodledo grows, so will the request from it's users.

The day Toodledo does not receive feature request or enhancements, is the day it will die. As long as you have users that enjoy the service/application, you will have suggestions, gripes, complaints, etc.

This is a good thing. This means Toodledo has done something right and is growing.

Let's hope Toodledo can add resources to their team in order to make more progress on the many feature request already on their to do list.

Posted: Sep 01, 2009
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I think it's fabulous. Even better, it's continuously improving.

I was looking for a thread to post a thanks to the toodledo team for the subtle, yet effective upgrades to the UI.

In particular, the way showing and hiding notes and managing subtasks is handled now.

It might seem like a small thing but it makes a big difference when you do it many times a day.

Also, thanks for the enhancements that I use without realising it. They're the best kind but it's hard to send feedback about them when it's their very undetectable-ness that makes them good.


Posted: Sep 02, 2009
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Posted by andrew:
In particular, the way showing and hiding notes and managing subtasks is handled now.
What's different about the way that notes are shown and hidden?

Posted: Sep 03, 2009
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All applications and websites eventually get a GUI overhaul.

Toodledo can use one when compared to other sites that provide similar services.

User friendly is key and Toodledo is not user friendly in several areas.

1. Hover over the check box to see the options to delete, etc.
2. Hover over the hand icon to see the option to add a sub-task

just a couple of examples. Love Toodledo, but it needs a face lift.
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