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Posted: Jan 17, 2014
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...frickin' amazing. I have tried out literally dozens of time mgmt apps over the last 15+ years starting all the way back in '98 when I still thought Wintel was the best way to go - and actually, pre-OSX, it really was. Since then, I have seen the light - so to speak - and moved to the Mac but in 1998, nothing very functional existed for task mgmt so I ended up building my own using custom Outlook forms and VBA. I had conjured up & implemented a crude version of GTD (prior to Allen) but after I moved to the Mac, my homegrown incarnation wasn't an option. I wanted to retain my methodologies but nothing really fit that well. The closest I've ever gotten is OmniFocus which is a decent enough app but it is horribly expensive, fairly bloated, has a less than stellar and overly busy GUI\UX, and never quite fit the way I wished it did.

Last week, I stumbled upon Toodledo and while completely skeptical, I nonetheless decided to push through and see what was what - and I'm so very glad I did. I can seriously say that if I had the time and resources to build something just for myself, Toodledo would damn near hit the mark 100%. Maybe there would be some very minor things I would have tweaked differently - but then again, maybe I wouldn't - this app really is an amazingly good fit for the way I think and handle tasks.

I mention all this because, while nothing says appreciation more than a purchase (which I did), I figure it's also nice to hear. So to the developers - thank you for an awesome job on this awesome product. And also know I will tell as many folks as I can about Toodledo with the hope that we grow your user base as much as possible so you folks stay more than busy and have more than enough $$$ to keep this thing going.

Thanks again so much for building a great thing...

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