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Time for a price change?
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Posted: Jul 28, 2015
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It seems to me the current premium offerings are a bit dated. I'd like to be able to attach lists and outlines to tasks but don't care for file attachments.

To me $30 is a bit steep considering I'd not be using the storage space. I'd love to see the lower priced option move up to $19.99 with the inclusion of attached lists/outlines/notes and the file storage option move up to $34.99 with a bit more file space.

It would seem the file space is the only thing that costs TD any extra money to supply so this could be a way to increase revenue without added cost.

Just a thought...(well a wish)...

Posted: Oct 23, 2015
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I doubt that their pricing strategy is based on actual costs of running a particular level of accounts - Wunderlist allows attachments in their free version.

I would however like to see a more finite price breakdown starting at lower levels. It's hard to justify spending $30 of my personal money on a tool that I am not technically required to have, that my company doesn't reimburse me for, and that I can't write off as a business expense, when there are many similar free tools available. Yes it's only $15-30 but that's not the only tool I have to pay for.. it adds up.

Some of the items like task collaboration are designed for teams and that implies having some kind of a budget, part of which may be spent on TD subscription. So by all means, keep it in the top tier price. The unlimited customer support is also more of a feature that a business / team would use.

TD in it's current free version is already a very powerful tool - enough to entice me to pay for iPad and Android clients, but there's little in the paid subscription that I want. May be file attachments, but I wouldn't pay more than $5 for that. If I really wanted the task attachment feature, Wunderlist has it for free. And quite honestly, #1 reason I stuck with TD is that they sync with Informant and Wunderlist doesn't. (this is not the only reason, but the biggest by far).

There's so many services offering some degree of task management now, that in order to get more people to actually sign up for a paid subscription, TD needs to be more flexible.

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Posted: Dec 01, 2015
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Well, that's $2.50/month for one of the most robust tasks apps around. I think of the price question as whole: Is the whole package worth $2.50 a month?
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