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Sadly, I am saying goodbye to Toodledo
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Posted: Nov 19, 2015
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Well, after years of using Toodledo I bid it goodbye.

This decision is not a reflection on TD. I still think it's the best task tracking service out there.

However, now that Microsoft changed their service from Exchange Active Sync to Exchange Web Services, I can actually sync tasks between my work computer, my home computer, my account, my Android phone, and my iPad. No more forwarding emails to Toodledo, or copy / paste.

I can just create tasks from inside Onenote and drag them to the right folder in Outlook and it syncs across all of my devices. And this doesn't require buying any extra programs or installing a third-party sync connector on work machine.

Of course it sucks losing tags and stars. I did come up with a workable workaround, using priorities and filters in Pocket Informant (my favorite PIM on both Android and iOS) and in Outlook. Basically, the Top priority is acting as a Star. (you do need to have a "Preview" account not a regular account for PI to work properly).

Using TD was a blast and I wish the best of luck to all !

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Posted: Nov 19, 2015
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I totally agree with you about PI.

Best of luck!

Posted: Dec 01, 2015
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What is this about tasks syncing from The best and most robust task system I ever had was with Outlook, exchange sync with Windows Mobile 5/6, with Pocket Informant (built-in WinMo task app was ridiculously terrible, especially considering the potential).

Posted: Dec 02, 2015
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You can sync Tasks, Notes (and obviously Calendar events) from Outlook to iOS or Android devices using as a conduit. No paid software involved other than Pocket Informant for Android (which I used anyway).

For Android tasks to sync with PI, you need an "preview" account that uses Exchange Web Services instead of the regular that uses EAS. You can request to switch your existing account to Preview, search on for the link.

For iOS, I think all you need to do is to set up your accounts in the Settings and you get the sync automatically. I _think_ this works with both the "old" and "preview" accounts. Probably the easiest thing is to set up a new account for calendar /tasks and then request Preview, as there are some features in the old accounts that prevent them from switchover.

You then set up the accounts in your desktop Outlook and voila... you can sync tasks and calendar items and contacts to your phone / tablet. I think depending on the version it may need to download some module from MS - I set it up months ago. It was all pretty quick and straightforward.

The Notes sync to iOS without any special tools.

For Android, I use a free program called ImapNotes2.

The Notes don't show up in PI, you need to use either iOS Notes app or ImapNotes2 to open them.

The Notes created or edited on iOS are synced back to Outlook with no limitations. The Notes created or edited on iMapNotes2 are read only in Outlook. There's also a paid software (Exchange Tasks and Notes) that may not have this limitation but since I only use Outlook notes sporadically I didn't want to spend the money. There's no way that I could find to read the notes on, while it acts as a conduit between the desktop and mobile, it doesn't seem to provide the web access to the notes.

Overall, it's been a pretty straightforward and reliable system once I set it all up. The biggest limitation is the fact that I have to use iOS Reminders on my iPad and this removes things like Stars or Tags / Categories (although Start Dates set in OL or PI, surprisingly, seem to sync even though Reminders doesn't have them). I am using a Priority-based Smart Filter in PI now instead of Stars (Top priority = Starred).

Hope this helps.

Posted: Dec 03, 2015
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Thanks for the extensive information! I am going to look into this... (probably won't leave toodledo anytime soon, though)

Posted: Dec 04, 2015
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Posted by boydston01:
Thanks for the extensive information! I am going to look into this... (probably won't leave toodledo anytime soon, though)

Well, as I said, Toodledo is probably the best Task Manager out there.

However, the ability to export a bunch of tasks from Onenote to Outlook as I work on my project, and then drag them into my tasks folder & have them automatically sync to my phone and tablet is hard to beat. Before that, I had to manually copy each task to Toodledo, or send an email. Now it's all a very quick grab & drag action.

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Posted: May 23, 2016
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Well, I am back... ;)

After 6 months of doing this, I really started to miss the planning capabilities of TD.

I still use the Reminders to sync between various devices, but then use IF to copy them into my TD. Unfortunately IF is not very reliable. But it works most the time.
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